Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Six (3/25/07)

Spring is here so Kelly over at Missing J.T. Snow wants to know what our kids know about spring.. here is what she had to say and this weeks Sunday six questions.
Answers provided by Mr Man 7 years old, Sweet Pea 5 years old

Sunday Six! Spring arrived this week, so that will be our theme!
1. How old is Spring?

Mr Man: 2007 years.
Sweet Pea: I don't' know

2. What happens in the Spring?

Mr Man: uhhh flower starts to grow and it gets warmer and it rains
Sweet Pea: flowers come up. uhhh it gets more warmer and it rains

3. What comes after Spring?

Mr Man: summer
Sweet Pea: Summer

4. What do people wear in the Spring?

Mr Man: short sleeves and shorts
Sweet Pea: short short sleeves shirt and leggings

5. What is "Spring Break?"

Mr Man: Its when people get out of school for awhile
Sweet Pea: I don't know
6. How will you celebrate Spring?

Mr Man: go on a vacation
Sweet Pea: she puts her hands up like I don't know so I ask her how I'm i going to write that into my blog and she said "It means I don't know so you can just type that"


Fantastagirl said...

Mr Man and Pan must have been hanging out together this week!

Have some similar answers!

Arlene said...

The last thing is adorable! Attitude is starting ;-)
Too cute! We didn't play this week, as I'm laid up with no kiddies!