Sunday, March 04, 2007

Menu Plan Monday(3/5/07)& weekend recap

WOW what a LONG weekend we had. I'll get into that later, but due to this long weekend I didn't go grocery shopping on Friday or Saturday, but I did manage to hit the store Sunday night after we got home so we could have some food in our house to eat.

I really enjoyed breaking my menu up into how much each meal cost me and how much per person. It was really interesting to see that break down so I'm doing that again this week.

Last week when breaking down the cost per person I only counted the 6 of us, BUT what I was forgetting is that every dinner I plan and make I plan to have leftovers for DH to take to work for his lunch the next day. So no matter what it is we eat for dinner the next day DH is eating it again for his lunch so this week I'm going to take that into account and do the per person amount with that in mind.
here is our week in dinners.
Monday: rigatoni and garlic bread with a sale on sauce this week this meal will cost me $7.94 So with the 6 of us eating dinner and DH lunch for the next day that puts this meal at about $1.13 per person.

Tuesday: Chicken Brest and gravy, mash potatoes and corn The cost of this meal is $9.71 6 people for dinner and DH lunch brings this meal to about $1.37

Wednesday: Stouffers frozen family size Mac & cheese meal with some veggies, apple sauce and corn muffins puts this meal to $8.60 per person plus DH lunch break down puts us around $1.23

Thursday: Steak on the grill bake potatoes and corn muffins. My numbers for this will be a little off because my dad had bought steak a few weeks ago froze it and never used it and gave one to us last week so I only had to buy enough steak to add to what he gave me to feed my family and have leftovers for DH to take to work but here is what *I* spent on for this meal $7.82 per person about $1.12

Friday: I found some good frozen pizza on sale. I know your all saying Is there such a thing as "good" frozen pizza LOL, but my gang LOVES all pizza so yes for them there are some "good" frozen pizza out there :) So anyways we will be having the pizza and french fries. Total meal comes to $7.50. DH won't need a lunch for this meal seeing how Saturday is the weekend. So our total price per person for this meal is $1.26
For more wonderful meal ideas and to view other menu plan Monday check out the Organizing Junkie

When I look at these prices per person and per meal it makes me sick to think how much money we spent over this past weekend on food.
I had mentioned that this weekend was a busy weekend.. It was tournament weekend.
Princess was playing in two tournaments. End of season tournament play for her basketball team and the 1st tournament of the year for her traveling tournament fastpitch softball team.

This was the weekend of many many time changes for games and many many many time changes for our plans.. It was just CRAZY.
The 1st change was that Princess basketball tournament started on Friday night instead of Saturday morning. This meant that DH and the Girls didn't go to the hotel early Friday night for the softball team pizza party(which we found out ended up being cancelled anyways because the softball team got a late drawl and not all the team was going down on Friday night)

Anyways Friday night Mr Man had a birthday party to go to for one of his school friends which started at 5pm and ended at 9pm. Problem was Princess basketball game was a little big of a drive away she had to be there at 7:30pm for an 8pm game they are normally only an hour long but that didn't give me time to drive the hour back home to pick up Mr Man.. Thankfully the mother of the birthday boy has older children and one of which plays 5th grade boys basketball so she was understanding and she kept Mr Man until I got back. ONLY I felt bad because the game got a late start and I didn't get to her house until 10:15pm to pick him up.
Sadly this was the last game for Princess of the 2007 basketball season because they lost on Friday night so they didn't get to move on into tournament play.
THIS was OK with us though because we had to head south for the softball tournament. So we came home after Picking up little Man and loaded up the van and drove to the hotel(after picking up the younger two kids from my parents) We didn't get to the hotel till 12:45AM

OOPES!!! all that chatter and I forgot what my point was Friday night we ordered Pizza for dinner after dropping off Mr Man for the party and before heading out to the basketball game. Then when we got to the hotel the kids were out like lights but DH was hungry so he got the two of us burger king. $16 pizza and i don't know what he spent at BK but I bet it was the least amount of money spent on food for the weekend..
Breakfast Saturday and Sunday was free, but we ate lunch and dinner and a 2AM snack on Saturday(2am was early Sunday) and then Lunch again on Sunday.
Saturday morning we took the kids swimming in the hotel pool for about 3 hours after breakfast and before lunch, went out for lunch and came back and went swimming for another 2 hours. At that point I took Little Man back to the room and put him down for a nap and got ready for dinner while DH stayed with the other 3 kids at the pool.
I'll stop my Saturday what we did story there to tell you about the changes I was talking about. The plan was the team was able to swim until 4pm then they had to get out and rest, eat and get ready for there 1st softball game which was at 7:30pm then they were going to play there 2nd game at 9pm Saturday night.
ONLY there was a storm that knocked a big tree branch down on wires right in front of the indoor place they were playing at. The whole street lost power until about 2pm which meant NOT A ONE Of the morning or afternoon softball games that were before ours got to play so they changed our game times over and over pretty much all morning and afternoon.. We thought they were done changing the times on us we had games time set for 9:15pm and 11:45pm(Yes that was right 9,10 and 11 year old girls playing ball at quarter till midnight)

So back to the what we did story. Around 4:30 or 5pm my parents showed up(I wasn't watching the clock) They were my babysitters for the night the plan was for them to let the younger 3 swim while Princess played ball but with the new time change we changed that plan also.. Instead we packed up the younger 3 and sent them off to spend the night at grandmas house.. THIS was big Little Man had never spent a night away from me before(He did wonderful) Mom and Dad didn't leave the hotel until 7pm they let the kids keep swimming until everyone was hungry and ready for dinner then they left.
DH, Princess and I had to leave the hotel at 5:45pm because we were having dinner with the whole team and all the parents at this really big Amish place, food was yummy but we didn't get back to the hotel till after 7pm and the team all had to meet back in the lobby at 7:45pm to head out to the field(building) for there pictures(the place were the tournament was held did them for every team)and warm ups before there 9:15pm game.. We got there they did pictures and was warming up in batting cages.. when our game time changed yet again..grrrrrrrrrrr.. Our 9:15 game got changed until 11pm and our 11:45pm game got pushed back till 12:15AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Princess team was playing softball until 1:30AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH it was crazy.. but It was SOOOOOOOOO much fun and they all had a blast. They won there 1st game and Princess got to pitch in that one, They lost there 2nd game, I think they could have beat that team but the that team had a 3 hour break between games and we played back to back.. PLUS it was ONE IN THE MORNING.. the girls were tired. After the game Princess was hungry so we hit the steak and shake.. and got to bed around 2:30am.
This morning Princess and I took a swim. After that ate breakfast and checked out of the hotel and went back to the ballpark(building) they had a 12:45pm game so they had to be there at 11:45am to make this way to long post of mine shorter there game got off to a late start and we lost but the game didn't end till 3:30pm when it was all said and done and we picked up the kids from my parents house we didn't get home till 6pm and at 6:30pm I went and did groceries.
here is a shot of princess pitching that the people running the tournament took and was kind enough to sell us LOL
Happy Monday


Susan said...

Great plans for the week, and I liked seeing your cost breakdown per person. Very interesting!

Marcia said...


I love how you broke down the cost. I am trying to stay within my food budget every month. In Feb, DH did the shopping and we stayed in budget because I just throw things in without any regard for money.

So this month we're doing the same and we should come in well under what I budget. Yay!!!

jennyr said...

it certainly cost a lot to eat out...homecook meals are cheaper & healthier that's why i go for that...but sometimes it can be pretty tiring, so a li'l bit of eating out will do,lol! thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

We had a crazy weekend too, but at least you guys all got to spend time together and all the swimming sounds like fun!
Menu looks great this week! Esp steak on the grill, that sounds yummy!

annie said...

That pic of the basketball game makes me miss all our basketball years. My dd16 played from k-9th grade and just stopped this year. My ds13 did track and wrestling this year and dd8 is doing tumbling. I try to limit them to one sport at a time because Izzy keeps us so busy :) I love watching the basketball games though!
I have to agree... when you realize how economical home cooking is even fast food sounds expensive...
Have a great week!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

I know what you mean about the price of eating out or even getting takeout, but sometimes, it is a necessity!

Anne said...

You cost breakdown is so interesting and motivating me to eat at home! Awesome pictures of your daughter- the lightning background looks cool! Have a great week! :)

Rona's Home Page said...

Eating at home is so affordable and healthier.
It's Mother-In-Law Day!

Barb, sfo said...

I find it hard to eat out when I sit there staring at a meal I could have made myself for 1/10 the cost....I know exactly where you're coming from.
Have a great week.

Midlife Mom said...

Yikes! What a BUSY weekend, I need a nap just reading about it but those are fun memories to have for your kids. I miss the days my son was in sports but now I am waiting for the grand kids to start so will have the excitment all over again!

palmtreefanatic said...

YUMMY planned menu again!
I hate eating out at fast food it feels so last min too....Well last week we took the kids to Mc Donalds which we rarely do and my DH went along and after what he ordered and what we spent well I am still having night mares about it! Can you believe a family of 5 could possibly spend $35.00 at McDonalds? I think its insane!!! But anyway...

I love the photos of your princess! too cool hope you get some relaxation...