Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mom I can't move my nose

~Sigh~ My kids need some outdoor play time but it is cold and muddy out and they are stuck inside.. Earlier Sweet Pea and Mr Man was messing around and Mr Man ran his head into Sweet Peas Nose, I could see it was starting to swell up so I gave her an ice bag to put on it. It wasn't really bad, but "doing something" made her feel better KWIM?
Well that was an hour or so ago and they kids sat down and play nicely.. but they started marching around the dinning room table singing sounds and next thing you know they are marching faster and faster(they being ALL FOUR of my kids) Mr Man tripped over Little man and fell into the doorway of the living room and dinning room hitting his head on the hardwood door frame. As he laid crying on the floor I asked him if he was able to move different things since I wasn't sure what he hurt because he was crying too much to tell me.. You know stuff like can you move your neck, your arm, you fingers, your legs..
Anyways I find out he his his head and chin but he is fine no bumps or anything.. think he was just more scared the way he fell then he was hurt..
BUT SINCE Mr Man was getting attention Sweet Pea I don't think liked it..
As I was finishing up making sure he was ok and telling them they need to be more careful and play more indoor sort of games.. Sweet Pea had got her ice bag and put it back on her nose and came to me and said. "MOM I can't move my nose again I think I might need this ice longer" Me trying not to LOL asked her "have you ever been able to move your nose" and she said "I don't know but I might have but now I'll never know" LOL LOL LOL

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Jennifer said...

I'm still giggling - that is such a girl for you! Glad no one was hurt seriously. Sounds like you handled that better than me, I'd have been laughing so hard, my kids feelings would have probably been hurt!