Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Six(3/18/07)

Here is what Kelly had to say about this weeks sunday six

Well, the answers last week were just too fun, so let's continue with St. Patrick's Day!
Answers give by Little Man 22 months old, Sweet Pea 5 years old, Mr Man 7 years old and Princess 11 years old.

1. What colors make the color green?

Little Man: Go

Sweet Pea: Yellow and Blue

Mr Man: Yellow and Blue( to which Sweet pea got all up set and Yelled "DON'T Copy Me" LOL LOL)

Princess: blue and yellow(to which both sweet pea and Mr Man says "that is what we all said" and princess looked at them and said "um that is because it's true" )

2. Are you Irish?

Little Man: ball

Sweet Pea: I don't know

Mr Man: NO

Princess: ummmm yet part Irisih maybe like 1/8 or 2/8 irish.

3. Do you eat green M&Ms?

Little Man: Yes

Sweet Pea: YEAH

Mr Man: Yes they are my perfect golden treat(ok don't ask me what he is talking about)

Princess: Yes I do but not the big ones, just the m&m's minis

4. Name some things that are the color green!

Little Man: NOpe(this has me LOL cuz i asked him if he could name something green not to name something green so he answered me correctly LOL)

Sweet Pea: m&m's, leaves, um what about grass.

Mr Man: snakes, clovers, bottle caps, pop cans, blankets, trains, balls bouncing balls, cups, paint, chairs, swings, stoves, shirts, money, underwear, back packs, gatoraid, books, PJ's, cayrons, marbles, eyes, boxes, face paints, and that's all.

Princess:well hipatheticaly speaking anything can be green if you want it to be

5. Did your parents celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Little Man: he took off running away

Sweet Pea: yeah(well not really we let the kids wear green)

Mr Man:Yes

Princess: No

6. Did St. Patrick have a wife? If so, what is her name?

Little Man: He was done and didn't even come to me to ask him this question.

Sweet Pea: I don't know..(so i asked her what was the wife name she said) I still don't know

Mr Man: NO. but he came to our class today(um yeah I'm having them answer these on friday night LOL)

Princess: he might of haved a wife it didn't say in any of the history book, all i know is that he was a Irish priste kid napped by pirates. and I forgot the rest.
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Fee said...

I love this idea....... I think I'll give it a go! Really cute answers!

Fantastagirl said...

Great answers as always! "Stop copying us" But that's the right answer... lol...

palmtreefanatic said...

nice answers, my kids would think this is some sort of homework! lol!!! I love all colr of M&M's I never understood how some people couldn't eat certain colors of them, to me they are all alike and very delicious!lol! ok
have a good night, didnt mean to ramble...

MommyOutOfControl said...

Great answers! Especially Mr. Man and Princess' answers to the color green! Thanks for visiting our Sunday Six!

Arlene said...

Hypothetically speaking? Oh Lord! ;-)
Cute answers :-) I like seeing all the different ones :-)
I played too!