Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Well Your the mom,You decide

The setting,:
me, Sweet Pea and Little Man in the living room, Mr Man off in a different room.
Little man took Sweet Pea's kool aid bottle, there was only a little bit left in in so I told her to just let him have it. She said, but I'm still thirsty. So I told her to go get another one. She sort of giggles, gives me a fun smile and then makes a Huff turns around puts her hands on her hips and starts to pound her feet as she walks away. you can still sort of hear her giggling as she goes. So I get a playful, but mean tone and said to here "hey don't you pound your feet young lady, it's rude" She stops turns around and still smiling said "mommy you know I only joking" I smiled at her because I knew she was just playing around. She wasn't really giving me attitude to be rude. So I smiled and winked at her and off she went to get her koolaid

Mr Man not hearing or seeing this conversation just heard me yell at her to not pound her feet because it is rude. Yells from the other room "you know you use to spank me for doing that" LOL.. I don't really remember if he use to get a spanking for that or not but if he did it because he didn't like what I told him to do and he was giving me that rude attitude chances are I did spank him for that. So just interested in what he had to say I yelled back to him "so do you want me to spank her" he yells back "Well your the mom, you decide" LOL LOL


Wendy said...

very cute. Kids can seriously say the funniest things, and sometimes you wonder, "did I say that?" or "where did they get that from?" I love the things they come up with. It is a constant source of laughter every day!

Doug and Stacey said...

Your home sounds so entertaining and fun!

Fantastagirl said...

LOL...that is so cute!

la bellina mammina said...

that was really cute!

Mrs. Guthrie said...

*lol* I have the SAME conversations with my two!! :) Is that universal sibling issues or what?? Too cute.