Monday, March 19, 2007

menu plan monday(3/19/07) & Weekend recap.

Well its Monday.. how was everyone's weekend.. Mine was nice.. We didn't go anywhere but we got alot done. We are in the middle of a bathroom project, started out as I was just going to hang wallpaper, turned into putting a vent fan in there, which took all day Saturday needing to cut a hole in the ceiling, lay duct work in the attic, then cut a hole to vent it outside, then rewiring in the bathroom in order to ground fault it and make it where I could turn on my new vent fan/light. then insulation around the vent and patching up where the old light use to go. Sundays project was finish up the little bit of the vent fan, remove the old sink and vanity, take down the light bar and medicine cabinet and finish stripping the old wall paper that was behind there, remove all the base boards and strip the little bit of old wallpaper behind that and remove the cabinet doors to get to a tiny strip of old wall paper that was behind them. onces we got all that done, we painted the bathroom wall with the wall paper bit and let that dry. Next we replaces some of the old stained and broken pieces of title that was in the bathroom(thankfully i had some extra pieces leftover from almost 8 years ago when we did that bathroom) Then we hung 3 big pieces of the wallpaper. which was behind the toilet, and where the new sink/vanity was going to go and the lights and medicine cabinet was going to be hung. Then Next we had to do some more wiring and plumping because the new sink I bought is bigger then my old one and we need to make the pipping work and the light bar and stuff had to move over a bit. So we had a busy afternoon today.. hopefully we can try to finish up tomorrow who knows..
My parents were over all weekend helping with this(reads doing it for us since DH and myself are clueless but we are learning LOL) I think they are planning to come back tomorrow also.

Now onto my menu plan

Saturday: Marvelous Mini Meatloaves (this has become one of DH favorites) mashed potatoes and corn. This week it cost me $7.88 to fix this(oh yes I used 2 pounds instead of one this week) I was feeding 8 of us so it came to about $0.98 per person.(remember my parents were here)

Sunday: my dad ordered out for us all day(thank you daddy) He said we were in too big of a project to be cooking. We had chicken and Jojo's for lunch and Pizza after church.

Monday: Salad, spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread. DH picked up frozen meatballs so this dinner went up in price due to that, so it will cost us $10.48 but I'm feeding 9 people(the 6 of us, my parents and leftover for DH's lunch for work) so per person it will come to about $1.17

Tuesday: Breaded Pork Chops, slow cook cheesy potatoes which i found a few weeks ago and wanted to give it a try. and then some applesauce.. This meal was the expensive one of the week(well more expensive then the rest not that it is outrageous or anything) at $13.31 Pork wasn't on sale ;) but still feeding the 6 of us and having leftover for DH's work the next day it came to about $1.90 per person.

Wednesday: I thought i would try to make french bread pizza. So I'm giving that a shot.. I bought the french bread from the wall mart bakery at $1.44 a loaf thought one would make 4 pizzas and I'm picked up 3 of them. with all the other toppings this meal is going to come to $12.00 even So I guess that would be like $1 per pizza LOL.

Thursday: Chili and corn muffins. Total cost $8.67(I'm doing a double batch of the chili also to have for lunches for myself also but didn't count that in the per/person cost) per person about $1.25

Friday: we are trying something new Italian Sausage Bake , green beans and applesauce. This meal cost $9.18(I'm doing a double batch because DH has to work next Saturday and will need a lunch to take with him and i"m not sure just how much of this one bath will make since i never made it before) which breaks down to about$1.31 per person.. Now if i wasn't making a double batch it would have come to $5.49 but since DH wouldn't need it for work we would only be feeding 6 not 7 and the cost per person would be about $0.92

There you have it my meals for the week..
For more wonderful meal ideas and to view other menu plan Monday check out the Organizing Junkie

OOPES forgot to mention that Saturday morning Mr Man has his 1st spring soccer game and he scored a goal and is very happy about that.


Heather said...

Lots of big meals this week! I think next week I am gonna try those mini meatloaves. I almost put meatloaf on the menu this week. next week:) Good luck on your bathroom project!

jennyr said...

i can't enjoy spaghetti w/o any garlic bread! those 2 just goes together so well...hehehehe!

great menu! mine is ready...

palmtreefanatic said...

yummy week ahead...
busy one too! yeah for Mr. man
so cute you noticed Adams student of the month! I believe it was last month...
have a grt week!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

We had a great weekend, too- yay for the soccer goal, too!

If you’d like, please join my Photo Tag going on and post about the shoes you can't live without!


annie said...

Your weekend made me tired :)
Have a great week.

Mrs. Pear said...

Your menu sounds great!

Mrs. Pear.

P.S. when I get a chance this week I will update my menu plan with links to the two recipes you asked about (meatball soup and Overnight Blueberry French Toast.)

JennaG said...

You have such a nice detailed menu planned. I really should calculate what my meals are costing--it would be interesting to break it down. So nice that you had parents to help you--that is a luxury, if you ask me! Thanks for stopping by!