Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Photo Tag: BUMP

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Steph at Adventures in Babywearing has a Photo Tag going, that she invited me to take part in. We are to show her our Bump.. You know that big old bum that sticks out in front of you and continues to grow for 9 months making your back hurt and kicking you from the inside out.

I have spent 39 months of my life growing bumps, so I have a collection of bum photos.. BUT the only ones I have online at this point are of Little Man
Here ya have it me in April 2005(Little Man was born May 14,2005)
LOL no this isn't the "bump" this was the shot of me showing how i was gaining weight everywhere.. Couldn't be one of those lucky ladies who just gain in the tummy.. NO not me My face, and arms and we tummy and goodness knows the butt and thighs all took a beating this last time around, I'm still trying to lose it all and he is 21 months old ~sigh~
Now here you have the Bump shots the last one is a bit scary just giving you fear warning. and since I still have these shots online still I thought I would also share a peek from inside that big old bump you see above..
This was Little Man inside of me taken 3-4-05 2 months and 10 days before he was born.. I tell ya this pic still looks so much like him when he is sleeping.
This next shot below is of his little tiny feet and part of his let and also his arm reaching down and you can see his hand. This is a shot of him kicking me, he use to like to do that alot.. Now he still likes to kick me when I'm sleeping only from the outside now :)
Here he has pushed his face into my uterus so you can see his neck and cheeks and chin and lips and nose and one eye and forehead. All that dark stuff on his head they told me could be hear but it also could be a shadow, Well It turns out It was his hair this boy came out with a head full of dark dark hair.
So all you mama's out there play in this Photo Tag and show us you "Bumps" and then stop by Here and add your post to the auto link and don't forget to comment and let me know if you played along..


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Excellent photos!!! And the ultrasound pictures are just amazing!!

Thanks for playing along!

Sheryl said...

I always wanted to get one of those 3-5 ultrasound pictures! Awesome! Great bump pictures too!

Anonymous said...

I also get fat all over! ugh. I'm still carrying 11 pounds of weight from theBeast, and now prego again, so I'm watching my weight this time. Hoping to not go overboard. We'll see. You looked really cute though!! We're going to be getting a 3D ultrasound this time and I'm soo excited about it! I've only had the old ones where you can barely make out the figure!

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! those are great shots!!

Heather said...

Look at that bump! It wasn't long ago- so hard to believe. Thanks for sharing! I had one of those ultrasounds with Elena. So neat!

KC said...

That 3-4D ultra sound was the best.. I had 2 of them with Little Man one at what we thought was me at 18 weeks along but turned out I was only 15 weeks along so you really couldn't see his face and stuff really well, it was better then just the hard to make out figure but not what I was hopeing for so they let me have another one 2 months before I was due. It was amazing. I joked with my OB that the only reason we were having Little Man was for me to beable to have that ultra sound :) See I had heard about these cool things while PG with Sweet Pea but my doc didn't have one.. I went back to him for my check up just week after I gave birth to her and guess what HE HAD ONE.. I gave him a hard time that he couldn't have got it a month or two earlier so i could have seen my girl inside of me.. So while PG with Little Man I was all about getting that ultra sound.

dcrmom said...

Those are GREAT!

annie said...

So precious! I am finished having children... there are four total from 16 down to 4 years old. I miss those newborn babies and even being pregnant... loved it. I'm 6'1" and always felt and looked my best when I was pregnant.
Your pics are so cute!

lauren said...

beautiful pics!!!