Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter Jam 2011 post #1

In my facebooking my blog post I mentioned that on 1/30/11 I took Princess and her friend Crazy J. To the Winter Jam concert... We had the best time ever.. So I thought I would take a moment and post all about it.. I think it might take a few post not that I have alot to say just I took alot of pictures and alot of videos and I want to share them all. :-) We will start out with the two hour wait out in the freezing cold. :-)

We got there at 2:30pm the doors weren't opening till 4:30pm but we wanted to make sure we were able to get tickets and good seats. Not to mention I follow Sidewalk Prophets on facebook and twitter and I knew they came out to hang with the fans and I didn't want to miss them...


Did i mention me and my bible study girls went to their concert back in December also.. if not here is a picture from back in Dec 2010 Ok back to Winter jam and freezing before the shows.. Oh my goodness I lost feeling in my toes, after getting into the building it took just over an hour before they weren't painful anymore, it was COLD...

Princess saw a group of teens playing ninja and jumped right in with them... think I'm mentioned before she is NOT shy. LOL.. here are some of the Ninja shots. After the Ninja game broke up and Princess and Crazy J started freezing again.. I took pity on them, handed them the keys and told them they could go back and sit in the van for 30 mins and stay warm and I would hold our spot in line. They jumped all over that and took off to stay warm. BOY did they miss out though..

Just after they left Jon Micah Sumrall and Nick DePartee of Kutless came out to hang with the freezing crowd a bit.. So me being just about as shy as Princess asked if I could get my picture with them. They were both so super nice..

To get this picture I turned to a family with a few teenagers who was in line behind me handed them my camera and said here can you take our picture.. After Jon Micha and Nick left the father asked me who was it I just had my picture taken with, when I told them it was Kutless, the teenagers got all excited and started screaming and jumping up and down for them to come back.. Jon Micha did while Nick went on to say hello to others in line.. One of the teenage girls was screaming "can I have a hug" Jon Micha said "how bout a hand shake" The girl was all like "Noooooooooooooo I want a hug" He said "sorry I only do hand shakes" I LOVED that... it showed what sort of character he has and that just stuck with me.

After they moved on I went back to freezing and wishing I could feel my toes... some time passed and we had another visitor come to keep us company, and i was extremely happy I was close to the front of the line because when the circled formed I was right there in the front of it. Chris August came out to perform his new song for us.. Said he was trying to help keep our mind off how cold we were. I wanted to txt the girl in the van and tell them all they were missing but then I wouldn't have been able to video tape this.

After he sang and passed out stuff to the fans, everyone had crowded us in that there wasn't really a line anymore and me being so short I did not see the the Sidewalk Prophets had came out and set up the stool that they had out for people to sign.. :(

I wanted to sign it but didn't see them until it was too late. They must have got there around the same time that Princess and Crazy J came back to join me..

I"m going to post this now and start the next winter jam post because blogger is acting up and I can't seem to load anymore pictures onto this one..

BRB in a 2nd post.

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