Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Winter Jam 2011 Post #2

I tell ya I'm getting slower and slower with getting this post up.. I guess i should just be thankful I'm posting at all.. but ~sigh~ I remember the days I was such a good blogger..

Anyways... back to Winter Jam.. If you missed my 1st post you can find it here.
Sometime while I was taping Chris August.. The Sidewalk Prophets came out.. while i missed getting to sign the stool.. I did get to watch them shoot t-shirts out into the crowd.. Didn't caught one myself... but I did get a few pictures of them doing so... and Also got a shot with me, Princess and Crazy J. with Ben from SWP.
We stood outside freezing for a good while longer.. I honestly couldn't feel my toes anymore.. but it was well worth it..
Here are a few last pictures of Princess and Crazy J outside before we were left in...
I'll start Winter Jam Post #3 from inside the building.. :)

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