Tuesday, September 23, 2008

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday(Day 2 of TN trip)

THIS IS MY WORDLESS WEDNESDAY POST. If you just want pictures skip past the words.

I thought I would use my Wordless Wednesday post to get a little caught up on things I wanted to blog about but just haven't found the time.. Due to this.. It's not going to be completely wordless but I'll try not to be too long winded.
Back in July we took our family vacation with my IL's to TN.. You can read about Day One of that trip HERE.

Today I'll share with you what we did on Day Two.

Day two was our Dollywood/shopping day. We woke up that morning and ate breakfast and took off. 1st stop was to drop DH and Mr Man off at the trolley station because the two of them were going to spend the day together at Dollywood. DH didn't have the camera with him but he did get some nice shots of Mr Man at Dollywood with the cell phone.. ONLY I lost them all when my computer died in Aug.

Here is a picture I took of DH and Mr Man waiting for the trolley.
While DH and Mr Man spent the morning and Afternoon together riding the big rides. Princess, Sweet Pea, Little Man and I hit the outlet Malls.. Then for Lunch we went to Sonics.. OH MY GOODNESS I love Sonic.. there isn't any around where we live, that might be a good thing Or I might have to be there daily.

Since I did have the camera with me, here are a few shot from our lunch that day.

After shopping and lunch The kids and I headed back to Gatlinburge and did the swimming and sunning at the pool thing.. Until Little Man had enough then we got him down for a nap. When he woke up.. It was Sweet Pea's and Little Man's turn to go ride rides with daddy at Dollywood. So we drove over there and Mr Man had had enough of roller coasters So he came with me and Princess(who doesn't like amusement parks) and the younger two went with DH to spend time in the kiddy part of the park. While I took the older two back to the hotel for more swimming and relaxing time.
When I dropped the younger two off to DH I passed the camera off to him so we do have a few Dollywood pictures.. I'm still bummed about losing the ones of Mr Man off my cell phone.. I stored them on the computer never thinking it was going to die. :(
A few hours later I got the call saying it was time to pick DH and the younger two kids up at the trolley station.. So that is what I did.. Then we picked up a bit to eat, took it back to the room and had a late dinner as a family and then spent the evening around the pool.

And that is how we spent Day #2 of our July 2008 TN vacation.

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SandyCarlson said...

I love the pictures. I wanted to try a Sonics when we went South, but we never did. I will take your recommendation for next time! God bless, KC.

jams o donnell said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! Happy WW

Hootin' Anni said...

I love the one by the entrance gate, where they're holdin' hands!!!!

Happy Wordless. Mine's posted. Come by if you can.

Andrea said...

That looks/sounds like so much fun...I just love family vacations!! :)

Sandy Kessler said...

expressions extra special !! sandy

CK-II said...

Looks like they are having great fun. Happy WW! :)


looks liek a lot of fun.. happy ww! my entries are here

palmtreefanatic said...

looks like lots of fun! great pics!

Courtney said...

Great pictures and glad you're getting caught up.

Vixen said...

Looks like great fun. So sad your computer crashed and you lost so many pictures.

Happy WW

Nicole said...

Hi K, We too have a Sonic, but it is like 45 Min away so I have not tried it, but when the boys went in June to South Dakota they ate there and LOVED IT !! Love your pictures as always, I need to get my butt in gear and start blogging more. Have a wonderful wednesday.

Denise said...

Wonderful Time!! Those are awesome pictures! :o) Happy Wednesday.

Fantastagirl said...

I love the last picture. Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

melanie said...

Those pictures are awesome. It looks like you had such a good time. And as always, your kids are gorgeous!

Lizzie said...

i love how the pictures of your kids in the pool turned out. that above angle looking down on them in the pool at night is stunning!