Monday, September 08, 2008

Weekend Recap Sept 5-7,08

I don't know what you all think, but it seems to me like I just write a weekend recap turn around and I'm writing another one.. the days just fly by so quickly any more..

I sort of had a strange weekend. Alot of traveling and alot of nothing..
On Friday I didn't do anything, some laundry, some picking up around the house.. It was raining so Princess didn't even go to the football game, so no having to run her here or there either.
What I did do alot of on Friday was playing with Little Man... boy can that boy make a mess in a short amount of time.
BUT it wore him out and he slept well, even if it was sitting up LOL.
On Saturday Princess was asked to come play for softball a team out of Mansfield, they were playing in Medina. So we woke up bright and early got everyone feed and dressed loaded up the van and took a little road trip. When we got there we could tell it had been raining everything was wet, and when we got to the field... NO ONE was there.. they had our cell phone numbers to call us if something happened like this.. but no one called. :( what a long drive for nothing.. So we left the kids play on the playground for about a half hour then loaded back into the van and headed home.. stopping for lunch on the way.
At lunch I changed my plans for the weekend.. I thought I would be watching Princess game on Saturday so I was going to pass on going to her game with her travel tournament softball game on Sunday.. BUT two things changed my mind, one the fact that I didn't get to watch her play on Saturday and two, earlier she was looking for someone to go with them to the Sunday game and Saturday afternoon her friend called her back and said she could go.. we figured since we never heard from her she couldn't go.. So I didn't need to go.. But since now another girl was going, I needed to be there.
So we called my mom asked if she wanted my kids overnight since they didn't want to go.. she said yes and we made a stop at my parents house and dropped off Little Man and Sweet Pea..
Mr Man was not with us, he was out fishing on my dad's boat with my grandpa, my dad and my brother.

After leaving my parents house we rushed it home packed up our bags and the kids bags, I dropped the kids cloths off with my grandma and called my dad(on the boat) and told him the kids were staying with him and that when he dropped off my grandpa he needed to pick there cloths up.. and then we picked up Princess's friend and we were off...
Princess's Sunday games were being played in MI. So we found our self an inexpensive hotel and spent the night, the girls spent the next 3 hours swimming, then we went to a close by park for princess to practice pitching(she hasn't played or even picked up a softball in over a month it has been all volleyball) Then we ordered pizza ate and went to sleep. Around the time we were ready for bed, it hit me.. Shoot I didn't take any pictures on Saturday, so I thought I would try to get one of the girls before going to bed, though they didn't want there picture taken.
Sunday.. We woke up at 6am eating breakfast in the hotel breakfast room at 6:30am and was on the road by 6:45am... Unsure if Princess was going to be playing in her games or not, because it was pouring down rain, but No one had called us.. I was getting flash backs of Saturday long drive for nothing... When we got to the ball fields No one was there.. and boy was I getting myself upset over that..LOL but with in 10 minutes everyone and there brother was there.. about 6 different teams... All waiting to see if they were going to get to play.. At that time it was still raining. It did stop raining and they did get there games in, but on a 2 hour delay.. UGH if I could have slept till 8am I would have been a much happier person LOL..
They played 4 games
This is a new travel tournament team it's the one she tried out for back in Aug and they will be together till next August, 2009. BUT this was there 1st time playing together, they have only had one practice together until today.. So we weren't sure what to expect.. They also have 4 girls who knew how to pitch so we didn't know where Princess would stand.. All 4 of those girls(princess is one of the 4) were there ready to play today but we found out one of those 4 will not be able to play with us come 2009 because she will be too old. That helps as far as pitching time for Princess.
OK back to Sundays games.. 4 games, 4 girls who can pitch.. the coach made up this mind these games are for placement, to help him see who should be playing where so he gave each girl a game to pitch. Since the other 3 girls had played with this team last year they were up 1st.

Game #1 we won 5-4 Princess play left field

Game #2 we won 7-5 Princess played 1st base which is her favorite spot to play and when she is not pitching is where she wants to play also where I think they will end up putting her.

Game #3 we lost 9-15 Princess played 2nd base, this is another one of those spots she is good at. but the pitcher couldn't get the ball across the plate, UGH.. in the 2nd inning she pitched over 50 pitches 38 of them were balls and only 19 were strikes.. I know this because I got board and started keeping track LOL.. She gave up 10 runs in that one inning.. YIKES..

Game #4 Princess turn to pitch.. I was a little nerves since this was her 1st time pitching(except in try out) for these new coaches to see, BUT OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She pitched a NO HITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was her very very 1st No hitter, She did end up walking two girls, but there were no hits.. I have to go back and double check with the score keeper, but DH and I counted 9 strike outs.. We ended up winning 18-1
After that game ended we made the long drive home and got back home about 8:30pm where we were reunited with our younger 3, dropped off Princess friend, Got here showered and all the kids to bed..
And that my friends is how I spent my weekend..

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend.. If you blogged about what you did this weekend, go ahead and link it up here.. Then we all can make our rounds...

Oopes.. almost forgot my football this weekend.. OSU pulled it off on saturday for the win, But Sunday was not as kind to the Browns :( Next week is the big games though, so hopefully the Browns won't do stupid things like kick a field goal when they HAD TO HAVE a touch down.. OH ME!!!

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Courtney said...

Love the comment about the Browns' field goal. It was a hot topic in our house. Mike actually sat the girls down and asked them what they would have done in that situation and yes my 2 & 4 year old gave the right answer!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pic of Little Man asleep sitting up! Looks like he had a great time with those trains!

The Holleys said...

Hi Kc, you had a really busy weekend but that was nice where you could take your daughter to play. She is really good!

I posted what I did during the weekend too. :)

Elaine A. said...

That train track scene looks AWFULLLY familiar! ; )