Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Recap Sept 19-21, 2008(and sports update)

I'm going to start this weeks Weekend Recap with the sports update for the week..
This week in Jr High 7th grade volleyball Princess had 3 matches. Monday's was away and the lost that game, then Wednesday they had a home game and WON in two sets and on Thursday they had another home game and WON again this time it took 3 sets, they lost the first set but came back and won the 2nd two to take the win. Here are a few pictures of Princess before heading to Thursday game and also during Thursday game.
Friday I had some stuff I needed to do so while I was out DH stayed home and played with Rhett and sox the cat and when i came home these are the pictures I found on my camera.. Looks like they had a good time without me.

Friday night Princess went to the football game, Mr Man spent the night with my grandparents and Sweet Pea, Little Man, DH and I stayed home. DH had been up since the night before so it was an early bedtime for him.. The other two were still awake when Princess called ready for her ride home
Friday Sept. 19, 2008 was also my mom and dad's 37th wedding anniversary.. So Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.

Saturday DH woke up before me and the kids and he let me sleep in, guess I must have needed the sleep because next thing you know he was waking me up with eggs and bacon in hand when I looked at the clock it was already 10am.. I don't remember the last time I slept in like that.. but it sure was nice to get the sleep and even nicer to have DH cook me breakfast.

Saturday afternoon DH took Little Man and Sweet Pea to a park at the lake, well I think they hit two parks really, and then out for ice cream He took the camera with him so here are a few pics from there time out with daddy.

While they were at the park, Princess and I went shopping with my grandma.. Princess was wanting some converse all-stars and ended up getting bright yellow ones, I'll have to take a picture of them soon. My Grandma was on a search for black dress shoes without anything like buckles or anything on the front and heel wasn't too high.. she has been looking for these since last winter but just hasn't found a pair she thought was dressy enough.. Well we found them Saturday, ONLY they didn't have her size so I think she had them ordered in her size..

After shopping and playing at the park we came home and DH watched football, Little Man took a nap and Sweet Pea and I played.. Princess after shopping went and hung out with friends and Mr Man was still out fishing with my dad and grandpa on the boat. Then I cooked dinner and we all ate.. after dinner we cleaned up and took off grocery shopping.. this was about 7pm while out shopping we got the call that the guys were back from fishing and another call from Princess wanting to spend the night with her friends.. So after shopping we put the groceries away and I packed up Princess some Pj's and church cloths and headed over to her friends to give them to her and then I went and picked up my little fisherman.. Got home and gave Sweet Pea and Little Man a bath, then got Mr Man into the shower.. and got them all in bed and I went to bed shortly afterwards.


Sunday we woke up ate breakfast, got dress picked up Princess and headed off to church. After church we came home ate lunch and got started cleaning out the garage and doing a quick run though of the bedrooms as this is big pick up week here in town and our stuff is getting picked up tomorrow. When we were done doing that Mr Man and Sweet Pea wanted to go play with friends over at my grandma's house and Princess was meeting her group of friends at a school playground.. so I dropped Princess off and took Mr Man and Sweet Pea to grandma.. and came home to give Little Man a nap. at 2:30pm just as Little Man was closing his eyes the phone rang and Princess and the group had moved to a friends house just down the road from my grandmas and she wanted to let me know where she was.. so I told her to just meet me over there when it was time to go to youth group. and I got Little Man to sleep and I fell asleep also.. At 3:30pm DH was waking me up so I could get dress and ready to pick up some kids. I picked Princess up at grandmas at 4pm and then had to run and pick up her friend K.D. from the nursing home she volunteers at, and then we were picking up one more friend S.B. who was going away with her mom this afternoon but was going to be home in time to go to youth group. ONLY they got lost on the way home so she was late.. The girls were wanting to be at church early to talk with friends and stuff but I ended up getting them there right as it was starting at 5pm. I dropped them off and came back home where DH was with Little Man who was still sleeping when I left. Little Man had just woke up like 5 mins before I got home so he wasn't dressed ready for church yet.. so I got him dressed and then we took off picked up Mr Man and Sweet Pea and got to Church 10 minutes early(5:50pm) I was impressed LOL seeing how I never get there early LOL.. today was the start of Awanas Club.. Mr Man is now in T&T and Sweet Pea is in her 2nd year of sparks and this was Little Man's 1st time He is a cubbie.. wasn't sure how he was going to do but he did great.. It helped that one of his cubbie leaders was a teenager who use to work the nursery alot on Sunday nights so he sort of knew her. After church they gave the kids ice cream as they walked out the door.. so my kids had dessert before dinner LOL.. We got home at 7:30pm and I cooked a quick meal and we were eating dinner by 8pm.. by 9pm I was getting the kids ready for bed, by 9:30pm they were in bed and DH was off to work.. by 10pm I sat down to start my weekend recap.. at the same time Little Man came out of bed and announced he isn't tired and didn't want to go to bed..since he had a long nap this afternoon and naps seem to be a thing of the past I figured he wasn't tired yet.. so he is sitting at my feet playing with Thomas trains right now.. So I think I'll end this here and try to get this little guy to sleep.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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Courtney said...

Sounds like a good weekend!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Seems liker a fairly calm weekend for you--busy for any other mommy :)
Yay for two victories!