Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gatlinburge TN July 2008 Day 1

Summer came and went in a blink of an eye this year and with my computer dieing on me in the middle of July and not getting back up until end of August I have been behind on posting about our summer vacations we took this year. I finished up on the post about our Virgina Beach/ Washington D.C. trip, So today I thought I would get started on our Gatlinburge TN. Vacation.

Our van was having trouble at the time and wouldn't make the trip and it didn't get fixed in time for us to take it, So we drove my IL's Envoy but given the fact that an Envoy might say it seat 7 it really isn't really big enough for a family of 6 to make a long trip in with all there bags and stuff also. So on Sunday July 13th, after church we dropped Princess off at my in laws(who were also going with us) and The 3 of them left on Sunday afternoon drove half way down and went and visited my MIL's brother.

At 2AM Monday July 14, 2008 the remaining 5 of us loaded into the Envoy and headed to TN. At 7am we were in the same town as my IL's and we called them and they were on the road just 5 minutes behind where we were. So we all stopped and had breakfast together and headed towards Gatlinburge together..

When we got there we all checked in and the IL's took off to do some sort of crafty sort of shopping while we hung out at the hotel the rest of the day getting use out of there wonderful swimming pools. That is pretty much all we did on our 1st day except for cruse down town Gatlinburge and get some food.

So for my Thursday 13 post today I give you 13 pictures from Day 1 of our TN vacation July 2008














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SJ Reidhead said...

Looked like fun!

The Pink Flamingo

bernieg1 said...

Looks like you all had fun. Great pictures too!

My TT is up here.

storyteller said...

What wonderful experiences and memories shared today! Mine’s up at Small Reflections.
Hugs and blessings,

Darla said...

Looks like a wonderful, fun time! Thanks for taking us along! :)

Julia said...

Wow, what a nice pool :) I hope you enjoyed your holidays!

Happy TT

Sarah said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love Tennessee! I think your first photo is the best! Great action!

I have my TT up to here

Clara said...

Great pix! I'd love to spend some time in the pools. It sure looks relaxing.

Happy TT!

lonestar818 said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun! Great photos :)

Nicole said...

The kids look like they had a blast on those slides :)