Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Little Man and the 1st day of MOPS(plus something Mr Man said tonight)

Today was the 1st day of MOPS. Little Man was all excited and ready to go he walked into the foyer all brave and ready to go to his class, That was until my friend Heather saw him and yelled in an excited voice "Little Mans!!!!!!!!!!! Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!"(well she used his name LOL) It scared him and he took off running out of the church and into the parking lot I had to go after him and grab him. It took a bit of time to get him to stay in his class after that but he did go into class and I was able to go into the meeting.

As I was picking him up he said something about one of the teachers that I didn't understand the other teacher sort of LOL and said "yes, he hasn't been happy with her since she had to give him a time out"
I said "oh no a time out what did you do" the teacher said "oh he was just harassing the girls" and she just giggled and she didn't say anymore..
So on our way to the van I asked him what he did that got him a time out and he said "I pushed girls down" I said " you pushed girls down?" He said in a proud voice "yes, two girls" I said "Little Man, that's not nice, why did you push them down" He smiled that killer smile and said "because they cute"
I had a bad mom moment there and just couldn't help but LOL.
~sigh~ I didn't think the pushing the girls because you like them started till closer to 1st grade..


Ok just had to add to this post(since I didn't want to make a new post LOL) Mr Man said something tonight I just wanted to blog so I would never forget it..

Before bed tonight I asked Mr Man how school was going and if he was liking his new teacher.. He said
"She is OK, it's just 50/50 with her, we do change classes this you also, did you know that?"
I answered Yes so how do you like the other teacher..
He said "I think she is better. because in our agendas on the day we don't have home work she just lets her class write 'None' My teacher makes us do so much more work, she makes us write out 'No homework today" That is 11 more letters then the other class has to do"

LOL LOL LOL... darn those 11 letters are just too much work for my boy I guess :)

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Fantastagirl said...

So the little boy that put sand in Tinks hair today at kindergarten probably likes her too... oh boy.

He is a cutie - you may have some problems in the future! (girls will be calling all the time - lol)

Carol VR said...

11 letters. I can't beleive he he took the time to count them. WOW!!!

Heather said...

I have to agree that is funny that he counted how many more letters. ha!
Little man cracks me up. He apparantly taught miss Natalie some new funny stuff because she was doing silly things and telling me that's what her friend does. She loved her new mops class, she had to name everyone in her class and tell me all about it. it was great!

annie said...

How cute!

Dawn said...

Both stories are cute, but I am cracking up at the 11 letters. So much extra work! Of course, writing it instead of counting it out might make it go quicker. LOL! ;-)

SportsMum... said...

If only it was as simple as 11 letters! He'll learn soon enuf!