Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 3 of the July 2008 TN trip.

Since I have a minute I thought I would play catch up again and get another one of our TN 2008 family vacation post up. Today I'll post about Day 3 of our trip. You can read and view pictures from Day 1 and Day 2 by clicking the day you would like to view.

Day 3 was sort of a relax and do nothing day after Dollywood on day two. Only Princess had ripped a hole in her bathing suit on Day 2 and we need to go buy her a new one.. So that was the plan for the early afternoon on day 3.
We started the morning with breakfast in our hotel room.
Though Little Man and Sweet Pea thought they would have there breakfast with a view of the creek from out on the balcony.
After they were done eating they went down to the creek and spent the rest of the morning playing in it.
This is the creek and covered bridge that is out behind our hotel.
Here is Mr Man on the bridge
Sweet Pea climbing down the rocks.. the water was really low
Little Man who was still up on the balcony of our room. But it didn't take long to get him dressed and out into the creek. There is a really nice sitting area with fire pits and chairs and swings on the other side of the creek after you cross the bridge so this is another view from our balcony.
Mr Man likes to move rocks around to make the water flow differently so that is what he is doing in this shot. Sweet Pea was watching him.
Little Man enjoying himself
All my kids down in the creek. This is how Mr Man arranged the rocks so the water would go on either side of them.Princess had had enough creek time and was wondering "can we go look for a new bathing suit yet???"So that is what we did.. We got everyone changed and headed into Sevierville for an hour or so of hitting store after store after store.. ONLY to find they didn't have much of anything to choice from. I was trying to avoid bikinis and that is all they seem to have, and then if I was going to let her have a bikini where her belly would show I didn't want it to be a string one and that is all they seem to have.. so we didn't get one But it was time to meet my IL's for lunch. So we had to head into Pigeon Forge for lunch.

We meet up with the inlaws at the Old Mill for lunch
One good thing beside it being so yummy.. is they give you chowder and fritters before your meal and when your food comes your not all that hungry.. so you can pack up most of it and take it back to the room for dinner.. two meals one price... that is the way to go :) and look how yummy this looks. That was after I ate 1/2 of it.. this is what I was taking back to eat for dinner that night.
After lunch the kids feed the ducks and we hit a few of the old mill shops.. Then it was back on the hunt for a new bathing suit for Princess.. this time all the stores in Pigeon forge.. Well they had a few that would be decent.. If I wanted to spend $100 for a suit.. UMMMMMMMMM No thank you.. I did end up buying her some shorts to swim in though.
We gave up on the swimsuit hunt and headed back to the hotel where the kids went swimming while Little Man took a nap.. Then it was time to get Mr Man and Sweet Pea dressed, they were going to spend the rest of the night with grandma and grandpa going to the Comedy Barn.. While DH, Princess, Little Man and I walked Gatlinburg(and still looking for a bathing suit) But after getting the kids dress they were looking so cute I pulled out the camera and started taking there pictures.. here are the pictures I took at that time.

After the middle two left with my IL's we went and walked the streets of Gatlinburg. While there we gave up on finding a really cute suit and just bought something that would tie her over till we got home and could replace her cute suit.

Here are the pics from that night.

And that was Day 3.

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palmtreefanatic said...

looks like so much fun! Those elephant ear things looks so yummy!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

TN is so pretty! I love driving through there on the way to Ohio. That creek looks like so much fun. And your 'just relax' day looked like so much fun, even if it no one really 'relaxed' :)

Jen said...

See? I love that you posts lots of pictures like me!!! It's so much fun! Now I feel like I've been on vacation with you! All the food looks delicious and your kids playing in the water. . . all those pictures were so cute!