Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Recap Sept 12-14, 2008

It's my Weekend Recap time.. so go get yourself a snack pull up a comfy chair and get ready for the wild ride I like to call my weekend.

Friday Sept 12, 2008 woke up to a big crash of thunder that shook the whole house, It honestly made everyone of my kids jump out of bed, I know this because all but one of them were in bed with me, that was Princess and she told me when I had to wake her up for school just 10 minutes later that she jumped out of bed and almost hit her head on the ceiling(loft bed and all). That started a wet rainy weekend. After getting all the kids off to school I came home and got myself dress and ready to go to my dentist appointment.. Then it hit me.. SHOOT I Forgot to give the kids there lunches.. So it was back up to the school where DH was so kind enough to walk the lunches in for me,(since my poor ankle and foot is acting up again when I walk too much) Then we were off to my dentist appointment. DH and Little Man dropped me off, and DH took Little Man grocery shopping while i was getting a filling put back in(I think I forgot to mention that last Saturday while I was brushing my teeth a filling that has only been in my mouth a few months fell out) After they replaced the filling DH picked me back up, he only had 1/2 the shopping done because there just wasn't any good sales at meijers this week. Since we were already in the parking lot of a new CiCi's DH took us out to lunch YUMMMMMMMMMM.. but so not good when I'm trying to lose weight. After lunch we hit the walmart super center finished up with the groceries and headed home in the monsoon which was Friday. We got soaked while we unloaded the groceries and carried them into the house.. Little Man was asleep when we got home and continued to sleep after I got him in the house and dried him off.. So I put the groceries away and it was time for princess's school to be over, but she wasn't coming home because she had volleyball practices.. So I just sat down when I got a phone call... "MOM, I need your help, I forgot my knee pads, can you bring them too me, and you have to hurry I'll get in trouble if there not here by 3pm" So much for sitting down.. I found the knee pads and off I went.. Got them there Right at 3pm.. then it was over to Mr Man and Sweet Peas school to wait for there bell to ring so I could take them over to my grandma's house where they were going to spend a few hours playing with there friends in grandma's neighborhood. I take them to grandmas and then I come home it is about 3:45pm at the time(a side note all this running that day was done in DH's car) I pull into the drive way and see something hanging from underneath my van.. I get down on the wet driveway to look and see what it is.. and it's a belt.. I open up the engine and sure enough the Belt is off my van.. DH had taken my van to work the night before and when he turned onto our road he hit a big puddle of water.. at that point he said the power staring went out, but he didn't think anything of it because he figured it was just alot of water that got up in there and it would work when it dried.. Well he was half right.. it was alot of water that got up there, only all that water knocked the belt off the van. So at 4pm I put a call out to our mechanic AKA my dad LOL to see if he had time this weekend to put the belt back on for us.. He said he was on his way after work.. I don't remember what time he got here, but he fixed the belt quick and easy and then asked if he could take the van for the weekend and fix the fan that has been out for the last month or so, since it was going to rain all weekend he wasn't spending Saturday out on the boat fishing, he thought now would be a good time to tackle my van.. So Friday night, my parents went home with my van and my two younger kids who were off to spend the night with my parents. (oh and somewhere in between there I picked Mr Man and Sweet Pea up from my grandmas)
After feed Princess, Mr Man, DH and myself leftover for dinner(got to love when you don't have to cook) got everyone showered, I did some more laundry and we all went to bed sort of early. (that would be by midnight LOL)
Saturday Sept 13, 2008 we got to sleep in, as in not having to get up before 7am.. The alarm went off at 7am I woke Princess up and she and I got dress. At 7:30am I woke DH and Mr Man up and Princess and I were out the door to get her to her school where the bus was leaving for her volleyball game at 7:45am. I got back home close to 8am, I ate breakfast and DH, Mr Man and I took off for Princess's volleyball game. It was a great game.. WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in two matches. Princess did well had a few really pretty spikes.. and a few awesome blocks.

OH a little sports update since I didn't do a sports update post this week.. On Monday away game the v-ball team lost, and on Thursday home game we lost again, but on Saturdays away game we WON.. there sports update done LOL.
After the 7th graders were done playing we didn't stick around to watch the 8th grade, YOU see.. DH got tickets to the Indians game. The game was to start at 1pm but we could get there by noon for his company picnic of sorts. since they didn't have the big family picnic this year, his work gave each worker ONE ticket to go to an all you can eat buffet in the party deck at the Field and eat for two hours and watch the game. DH got his hands on two extra tickets from people who weren't going to use there.. So DH and I took Mr Man along with us. as a MR Man day.
It was still pouring down rain so we weren't even sure if there was going to be a game, but figured it couldn't hurt to go and have a nice dinner and wait out the rain and see if they could play. So we drove to the airport or close around there and took the RTA train to tower city.
This was my very 1st time using public transportation.. it was sort of exciting and fun..(ok now how county girl of me does that sound LOL) but it was really cool. Then we walked the underground walk way over to the Q and then outside over to the P. (yes in Cleveland we mind our P's and Q's)

We headed up into the party deck and had a wonderful picnic of fried chicken, bbq pork, hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad, watermelon and c.c cookies. and all the pop you could drink. We got there at noon and had an open buffet of food till 2pm.. we talked with some other folks from DH work and watched the rain come down, and come down and come down and come down.

We ended up with a rain delay and when the rain got to just a sprinkle they gave us a starting time of 3:15pm To help pass the time while waiting for the game, Mr Man and I walked around the field and checked everything out. Also.. up on the big screen they had a thing where you could Text to there number and have your text run across the screen.. I was on the phone with Princess(the queen of text) when that went across and I gave her the number and she started sending text to us to read on the big screen.. Mr Man got a kick out of seeing his name sent by his sister who wasn't even with us.. Up on the big screen.
When the game got started we went to our seats which were right in front down 1st base line, super great view from there.. But we sat in the rain pretty much the whole game.. ONLY to watch us lose.
LOL LOL, I just had to take a picture of him eating his cotton candy.. If you don't understand why I'm LOL at this, it is because you missed the post I posted on Saturday.. if you did miss it you missed seeing him at an Indians game when he was 3 years old eating cotton candy.. it was cute so go back and take a look just click HERE to do that.
In the 7th inning we were going to leave but had to wait in our long line to get our bobble head you know the important stuff. Then we took our walk back to tower city and waited for our train. after all that it was 7pm when we got to our car for our 45 minute car trip home. Here is a pic of Mr Man while we wait for the train or tram or whatever it is called.

Here is a slide show with a bunch of pictures I took of our trip with Mr Man.
(if you ever see any of my slide shows not showing pictures but a black box asking if you want to add pics or something like that, just click on the X and it will close that black box and start the slide show for ya)

My parents were waiting for us at our house with the two younger kids, we picked up Princess and her friend B.C. who went over grandmas after she got back from her ball game, We took B.C. home and got home and order pizza for dinner..(woo hoo another day of no cooking for me) Went to bed by 11:30pm..
OOPS almost forgot Saturday morning we opened the paper to see that they had put in the picture and the story about Mr Man and his 13inch yellow perch .

Sunday Sept 14, 2008 Woke up went to church. We had a dinner at the church today with lots of yummy food, I took some pictures with a cell phone but they really didn't turn out well. for some reason they turned out small and when I try to add them to the post you just can't even see them so I'm bummed about that. only one of them turned out and that was of the dessert table LOL.. so here it is. with only 1/2 the yummy treats on it this was while they were setting up.

Princess had softball this afternoon. DH took her into MI for those, while I stayed home with the younger 3. Here are a few pictures from the game

DH and Princess left in the 3rd inning of the 3rd game even though she was pitching, but if they didn't she would have been late to youth group tonight.. She got there right as they were starting.. She is loving being in the teen group now. Here are a few pictures I found on my phone from youth group tonight.(she had my phone tell ya about that a bit later)

We had a really bad wind storm tonight, I was driving in it and thought a tornado was going to drop out of the sky any minute. It was a bit scary.. I was on my way into a near by town to stop and see my brother(who works for our cell phone company) to show him Princess cell phone something just wasn't right on it.. After taking a look at it we found out that it is a known problem with that phone and it is still under warranty so she will be getting it replaced.. that is why she had my phone, I had hers.. I picked Princess up from youth group and we headed home.
While I was picking her up I got a call from my mom letting me know how bad things got at my grandma's end of town, when I got home DH told me Grandma had called and they were without power.. So we took a drive over that way.. and this is some of what we saw. These pictures Princess took with the cell phone as we were driving and they don't really show the real damage. on the 1st pic it was a huge huge old tree what you see in the picture is the top of the tree laying in a yard what you don't see is that it fell from the persons house across the street, so it is blocking the whole road from the middle of the neighbors front yard across the sidewalk, road, across the other side walk and is covering the whole front year of the peoples who yard it landed it.. they were luck it didn't hit the house.
the people in this 2nd picture wasn't so luck they not only had this tree hit there house but another tree also from a different side.. YIKES. After getting back we had a late dinner, of left over stuff we packed up from the church dinner we had earlier(once again another day I didn't have to cook this weekend YEAH!!!!) Then it was time for the Browns game which is still going on, but I'm the only one in the house still awake listening to it from the other room. I say from the other room because yesterday our big tv in our living room died on us right before our big plans of OSU football night(which given how things went might have been a blessing and we will leave alone now) Things aren't too hot for the Browns at the moment either but there is still alot of game left so maybe they can pull it off.
Well I'm going to go get this posted now and go to bed.

Hope you all had a great weekend.. go post about it and then come back here and link it up so we all can have fun visting your blog.

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Nicole said...

You are one amazing momma with all that you do ! Makes my weekends seem so boring, lol ! I'm glad you had an awesome time with R at the game.... How cool !! Try and stay dry, I only wish we were having some wet weather here in California :)

Kristi said...

I always think I have busy weekends until I read yours each Monday. Have a great week.

melanie said...

You are always soooo busy! I think the exciting part of our weekend was going to a huge indoor garage sale at an arena nearby. Other than that- we didn't do much of anything.

Love the cotton candy picture and I checked your other post too with the older cotton candy picture. Too cute!

palmtreefanatic said...

another extremely busy weekend in your neck of the woods!
Loved the Indians post, looked like so much fun and to be THAT close, I thought we always sat close, you had the Best seats ever;)

that storm WAS crazy! I was taking dinner over to the Pastor and the Main street was blowing all kinds of stuff limbs etc over the road! A real obstacle course getting there! We were lucky though, those are some scary photos you got!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Hey you got to see the Tribe. I cannot wait until the day I can take my kids to see the Tribe. I'd take them to see the Browns but like you said no fun to watch a team lose ;)
I still can't believe how bad Ike was up there. All we got in Dallas was a gentle rain--I am not complaining!

marky said...

Wow.. You covered about all the bases on your weekend! You are on busy lady! love the volley ball pix, heck I like All the pix! What a fun action packed weekend~ Glad that your family was safe from the storm damage.

SportsMum... said...

You didn't lose your power? Lucky duck - we went 52 hours without power!