Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Kids are in TX.& Princess hair cut.

At 9:30pm tonight I called the kids to see where they were and how they were doing.. They were 30 miles from my sisters house. So I'm sure they made it there by 10pm or around there, making that 22 hours in the van. I love my kids dearly but I can say I'm happy I was not in the van that long. My mom and dad said they were great, no fighting, no one was cranky or anything.. Guess traveling with grandma and grandpa is a little different then traveling with mom and dad :)

Yesterday afternoon before my parents picked the kids up we went and got Princess's hair cut. She wanted it cut before school started and since they will be gone right up until school starts it was get it done that day or not at all.
I knew I would want to blog about this, So I remember to take the before picture before we took off to get it cut.. She wasn't to thrilled with having to get a picture LOL. This is the before shot here at the top.
She looked so cute after it was cut and they flipped it up for her and she was just so pretty.. Sadly though my mind was on 100 different things that needed done before they left and it totally slipped my mind to take an after shot. So last night around 10pm when it hit me that I didn't get a picture of it, I called my mom and asked her if Princess hair still looked cute and if so if she could take a picture of it for me. She told me she had already packed up her camera and turned the computer off, but she would try to figure out the camera on her phone and get a shot for me..
It's not the best picture in the world sort of dark but it will work. So here is the after shot. I'm sure there will be plenty of nice pictures taken while on there trip, but here is the one I have now.
Well that's it for me today. Good Night

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Pinks & Blues said...

I love the haircut!! You have such beautiful children... so beautiful! I remember getting my haircut before school started and being so excited about it!! She looks great!! I love the before and after!!
And thank you for you comment on my blog post about my William being so scared of the dark and gorillas. It has been such a hard time a night and it is so helpful to hear other moms talk about their experiences!!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues