Saturday, August 11, 2007

Getting home camp day 6

If you have been keeping up with my post with picture from Princess went to camp this summer, You already know that Princess went to church sleepover summer camp back during the week of June 18, 2007. I have been slowly getting the picture of her from that week on my blog.
We are at the end. The last day of camp, The day they came home.

Here they are walking off the ferry back on the main land.

Still walking from the ferry to go wait for there luggage to be taken off the trucks and lined up.
Princess with her new friend C. If you recall she meet C on the boat dock before heading over to camp. They became instant friends and best friends at camp.

Since camp has been over they have called each other every week. I remember when I went to camp, we never called each other, that would cost to much. We use to grab some paper and a pen buy a stamp and write each other about every other week. With Internet, email and free night and weekends with cell phones.. I think the days of keeping in touch with your new camp friends by writing a letter and sending it snail mail is long gone.
The two of the are already planning on trying to go to camp during the same week next year and trying to get into the same cabin again. I think that would be a wonderful idea if it can work out that way. C lives in a different state so I guess we will just have to wait and see if it all works out or not.

But this was the end of my Princess week away at camp.

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