Monday, August 20, 2007

A day at the fair.

Last Wednesday My grandma and I took the kids to the county fair. We got there around 10:30am and went and saw all the animals.
1st barn we visited was the horse barn, Here is a picture of Me and Little Man petting a horse. Below is a shot of my girls with one of the horses.
The next picture is of Mr Man and a goat.Here are some more goats.The photo below is of my grandma(the kids great grandma) and Little Man with the goats.We also saw some Cows.

And some chickens and ducks.
Here is Grandma and Little Man checking out some bunnies.
OHHHHHH the bunnies.. my three older kids kept saying look mom can we buy this one, OH mommy I want this one.. This happens every year as we walk though visiting the bunnies. After viewing the animals(we skip the pigs mommy can't stand the smell LOL) we washed up and got some fair food for lunch and ate it in the rain. Yes it was a light rain but was making Little Man fussy non the less. So when we saw a swingset I had to let him run and play a bit. Sweet Pea and Mr Man took part also. After that Princess and Grandma walked though all the buildings signing up for all the stuff they could win :) and I took the younger three to ride rides. Princess isn't big on rides so she didn't get a band. Here is Little Man on his very first fair ride, sandwich between his big sister and brother. Little Man wasn't acting like himself much and it was also close to nap time so two rides was all he did before I strapped him into the stroller because he was acting up so much.

Mr man and Sweet pea rode a few more rides and then I turned and found Little Man like this. so I laid the stroller back and let the kids ride more rides. We meet back up with Princes and Grandma and got some icees and Then Little Man woke up screaming and crying and smelling like the cow barn. I lifted him up and found out that my baby had some sort of tummy bug that his diaper wasn't big enough to hold. OH WHAT A MESS... up his back, down his legs into his shoes all over his only cloths and all over the stroller.. YEAH.. not very fun. I got him cleaned up and made a phone call to my grandpa to see if he could pick me and Little Man up and take us home, the other kids and grandma wanted to stay longer. He did.. Thank you grandpa. Princess had enough of the fair also by this point so she left with us this was about 4pm. Grandma and the middle two kids stayed at the fair till 6:30pm and then came home.

Poor Little Man has been sick ever since.. He continued to have those exploding messes up until yesterday afternoon.. So far today we are ok.. Well I should say we are Ok.. Little Man is ok.. but all these days of caring for my sick boy has now got me sick with his fever and tummy trouble also.. UGH I feel awful. If my poor boy felt like this it is no wonder he just sat around fussing the last few days..


palmtreefanatic said...
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palmtreefanatic said...

awww, hope he feels better soon!
nice display of photos, since I did miss seeing the animals I feel complete now;) hope you are feeling better too!

Joy said...

Oh what fun! Wish I was there!!! Thanks for dropping by my blog :) I've been at your blog for the past half hour just enjoying your music! LOL! A great way to start the day :)

Heather said...

Glad you guys had fun! Miss Natalie got a bug the next day too. Although she was throwing up instead. Not fun. All my kids caught a yucky cold, so our house is full of the coughs and sneezes. Ugh. Enjoy your week with little man!!

Marz said...

How cool! and as usual, awesome pics!!!