Monday, August 06, 2007

Menu Plan Monday (8/6/07)

Another Monday again.. and WOW it's August.. Where has this summer gone? Before I know it the kids will be heading back to school. I'm so not ready for that I think I could use an extra month or two of summer to keep my babies home with me longer.
DH and I did the grocery shopping on Thursday this past week since we knew we were going to be leaving Thursday night for a weekend of camping and softball(this was Princess last weekend of playing 10U fastpitch softball next week she starts try outs for all the 12U travel tournament ball teams)
Friday night as I was sitting around the camp fire with flashlight in hand I pulled out the grocery receipt and figured out how much each meal cost us this week.. I had been thinking alot about the cost per meal per person after traveling so much this summer and spending an arm and a leg while we are out and about. Friday night for dinner, between the softball game and heading back to the camp site, we stopped at Arbys for dinner and spent close to $20 to feed 3 people(DH, me and Princes) so that is where my mind was when I took the time to figure out the cost of each of our meal this week.
Here is what I came up with. There are 6 of us in the family so we feed 6 people for dinner plus I always make extra so DH can take it to work for his lunch.. so I'm going to say each one of my meals feeds 7 people(though most days even after packing DH lunch i have leftovers to put in the fridge for me for lunch too but I'm not going to count that in the cost per person)

Monday: Chicken tenders, Green beans and Rice.. Total cost for this meal $8.56, that is about $1.23 per person.

Tuesday: Mini Meatloaf, mashpotatos and corn.. Total cost for this meal $9.30 , about $1.35 per person.

Wednesday: Pizza rolls (the kind my MIL showed me how to make) Total cost for this meal $8.48 about $1.42 per person.

Thursday: Open face Turkey sandwiches, green beans and fried apples. Total cost for this meal $5.50 about $0.79 per person

Friday: Salisbury Steaks, steak fries and corn. Total cost for this meal $6.00 about $0.86 per person.

I tell you looking at the cost and the kind of food, I think I'm liking cooking myself over going out to eat..
There you have it my menu for the week
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Raquel said...

yuor meals sound good! I love how you put the cost! also I love the song playing one of my favorites!

palmtreefanatic said...

What super meal planning you have indeed! Very affordable! I like that I know what you mean about eating out! The last time we ate out as a family and went to Mc Donalds no kidding we spent $35.00 for 5 of us! NO WAY Will I do that again! This was past spring...We could have actually went to eat at a Really nice place for that! LOL! Anyway...So I guess for this I will just cook as my DH eats ALOT!!!
So enjoy your dinners, gonna be a HOT WEEK!!!

Beth said...

Good timing on this post. I am looking for ways to save money on our food bills! I think I am going to try the menu thing, although DH is indecisive and will probably make me change it some nights! Hopefully we can save some money with proper planning!