Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday (traveling back to the 1st day of school)

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Oh me. I can't remember my 1st day of school do you know how long ago that was. LOL I do recall I was excited to ride a school bus and I sat with my boyfriend on the bus his name was Marky and he was also my neighbor LOL.

I called my mom up and asked her to scan and send me a picture of my 1st day of school. She said she would try but she was on her way to bed(I called her around 10:30pm Monday night) and she had a dentist appointment in the morning so she wasn't sure when she would get it for me.. but when she does I'll get it on her(that is if she does)..
UPDATE to this post.. My mom is wonderful she sent me over my 1st day of Kindergarten pictures. Here they are
I'm in the blue with the yellow bag, we were waiting for the school bus.
Here is my school bus. Can't make it out but it says Keystone local school.
This last one is me with some girl who I don't remember LOL. the boy is Marky and the Lady was my teacher who I don't remember her name..
During Christmas this year we moved so after Christmas break I started a new school and I do recall the teachers name from my new school but not my 1st kindergarten teachers name.
Jumping ahead many many years.. to Sept of 1999 That was Princesses 1st day of Preschool.. the memory that sticks out the most from that is while all the other kids were hanging onto there moms leg and crying for there mommy not to leave, My sweet thing said to me "mom you can leave now" You see I was in the room taking a few 1st day of school pictures and she just didn't want me there bugging her LOL. I did hang out in the hall way a bit.. but Princess was never one to be shy or need me there so it wasn't hard to leave her at school at all only a bit sad that my baby girl was going to 3 year old preschool. Jump ahead a few more years End of August 2001 She enter kindergarten and like her mommy she had a boyfriend his name was Nate, he had been her "boyfriend" since 1999 in the 3 year old preschool, they ended up in the same class both years of preschool and then again in Kindergarten and I remember Princess couldn't get to school fast enough that 1st day because she had to see Nate and tell him all about her summer. I have some of the cutest pictures of the two of them from that 1st day of Kindergarten but no scanner to show you them and I didn't have a digital camera until she was entering the 2nd grade. So here is a picture of Princess from

Here are two from the 1st day in the 3rd grade(LOL anyone see veggie tails Jonah movie I have that song they were singing in the van in my head one "it was the 1st day in the 1st grade" )Her 4th grade year was also Mr Man's 1st year of Kindergarten and I did at one point have there 1st day of school pic from that year online but that was also the year, that all my online photo album sites started only storing the photos for 2 or 3 months and then deleting them so while I do have the pictures from that day I no longer have them on line and I have no scanner to get them back online :(

BUT here are a few pictures of Mr Man from the 1st day of 3 year old Preschool.

This top one was from the open house day when the parents got to stay and the bottom one is from his real 1st day of preschool ever, in the back ground is princess who was a 2nd graderThese next two are from Sept 2004 Mr Man's 2nd year of preschool the 1st day of his 4 year old class.

This one in the back yard before we left for school and the next one is when we got to the schoolThe 1st day of school 2005 are the pictures I don't have online. Princess was entering into the 4th grade and Mr Man into kindergarten. I was so worried about him because he was going to go full day everyday and to me he was still my baby(never mind the fact I had a 3 month old and a 3 year old still at home LOL) My biggest fear was that he wouldn't be able to carry his own lunch tray or open his milk.. My fears sort of came true when the school lost Mr Man on the 1st day of school.. He was eating his lunch and when his group went out to the playground he wasn't done eating and he didn't go he just kept eating he didn't know he had to leave and the teachers didn't see him because the older group of kids came into eat there lunch.. My poor baby boy sat in the lunch room though 3 lunch period and missed his playground time and the teacher didn't know he was missing until after the kids went back to class after lunch after recess to start there afternoon school work time.. then she went on a hunt NOT KNOWING if he was left on the playground or if he had wondered off. Right around the same time the teacher saw he was missing Princess age group was starting there lunch time and she saw him in the lunch room didn't think to take him to his teacher she sat there with her friends and Mr Man talking and eating her lunch.. after she ate her lunch she said to Mr Man.. I should take you back to class now because your recess is over.. OMGoodness I was not to happy with the school and I let it be known.. They never lost one of my children again. LOL..

This same year was also Sweet Peas 1st year of preschool and unlike her big sister and brother who couldn't get mom out of there fast enough.. she hug my leg and wouldn't let go the teachers had to pull her off of me kicking and screaming.. There was alot of tears both between me and her.. I wanted nothing more then to run into the class room wrap my arms around her and take her home with me. IT never did get better.. she stopped the crying after the 1st day.. but every and I mean EVERY day that 1st year of preschool she hugged tightly to my leg and had to be pushed or pulled off my leg every morning.. and she didn't talk to her teachers that whole year. She is really shy.. I have I ever mentioned that.

Now we move on to last year Fall 2006 I had a blog.. YEAH.. so I do have there 1st day of school already on my blog.. Here are the links.

The 1st day for Mr Man and Princess and the 1st day of 4 year old preschool for Sweet Pea. Lets say the 2nd year of preschool was a total 180 for Sweet Pea she was happy to go and went right in. She is still shy around people she doesn't know but had grown up alot.

This year Sweet Pea will be starting kindergarten, I'm a little worried about her for the 1st week or two while she is meeting new people and feeling shy and scared but I know she will be fine once she gets to know everyone and will do wonderfully in school(goodness they better keep a better eye on her in the lunch room then they did her older brother that is for sure) Mr Man will be at the same school with Sweet pea, he will be a 2nd grader this year. Princess still at the 5th and 6th grade building.. ONLY this year she is the older group walking around like they own the place a big 6th grader.. They start school in two weeks. Look for the 1st day of school post coming soon.


Jodi said...

Great post!! Love the pics!

blessedwith4sons@gmail.com said...

Your children are beautiful! My oldest ds asked me if I had to go to work now on his first day of preschool when he was 2. ):!


Nancy Face said...

Such a cute post! I just love that you and Princess both had little boyfriends, LOL! I can't believe the school lost Mr Man at lunch...yikes! Your children are beautiful! :)

Lorie said...

THanks for sharing, I loved the pictures!

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Mr Man has a great smile.
Loved your stories & pictures KC!

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What a great post!! Awesome pictures!


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I loved the pictures and the story.
Its all awesome!
Hugs Back Tasha

Glass Half Full said...

The pics are great -- esp from the past. We'll be going thru this next week.


Renee's Ramblings said...

Great post! I really love your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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I love the pictures of you- such a cutie!

And, as always- your kids are beautiful!