Friday, September 15, 2006

1st Day of Preschool

Sweet Pea had her 1st day of preschool on Sept 7, 2006. This is her 2nd year of preschool. Last year she didn't much like it hanging on my leg and crying even at the end of the year, but this year she has grown up alot and was all excited about School

I think it helped a little that her best friend K was in her class again this year, here is a pic of the two of them meeting up in the hallway before going into there class.

When I picked Sweet Pea up from school this 1st day I tried to talk to her about school and it went like this
me "how was school?"
sweet pea "good"
me "did you have fun"
sweet pea "yes"
me "did you like school?"
sweet pea "yes"
me "what did you do that was fun?"
sweet pea "i dont know"

It went on like that 1/2 the way home me asking question her not really paying attention just giving me the yes and good answer. Then next thing you know i couldn't get her to stop talking and she went into great detail about this boy at school who got sick at school

sweet Pea " hey mom a boy got sick at school today"
me " he did"
sweet pea " yes he threw up on the floor"
me "oh no"
sweet pea "yes it was all brown he just pucked all over the place it had chunks in it and it was sort of brown with a little yellowish color in it. We put a chair over it so noone would step in it, It smelled pretty bad too, after the teacher cleaned him up they cleaned up the mess on the floor and told us to stop looking at it, and then they moved the chair and we went back to playing"


I'll never complain again about the yes and good answers again LOL

if you want to view all the pics i took of Sweet Pea and her 1st day of preschool 2006 you can view them here


FinSpin said...

First??? Yea!
Your little pea is GORGEOUS!!

I find myself wanting more than the usual 'yes's' and 'no's' too. But after that little post...not so much.

Fantastagirl said...

Your little sweat pea is a dolly! I hate my yes and no answers that Pan and Tink give me about school. After reading this - yea, what finspin said - not so much!

Carol said...

Too funny Karen! She is too flippin' cute!