Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Best News in the World.

Friday night Dh and Princess went to a highschool football game, leaving me home with Mr Man, Sweet Pea, and Little Man. The kids were just playing and Little Man had fell asleep. I'm not sure what brought this up, but Mr Man and Sweet Pea came out into the living room and Mr Man said to me, mom Will you explain salvation to Sweet Pea. You see Mr Man got Saved just over 2 years ago and he was in his bedroom sharing this with his little sister. So the 3 of us sat down and started talking about Christ and heaven and what Jesus did on the cross for us. I wanted to be very careful not to talk anyone into professing Christ. I know one can sell someone on salvation but unless God is working in that person all it will be is words, so I didn't ask Sweet Pea if she wanted to be saved, I just explained how we are all sinner, and how Christ died for our sins and took our place and how if we except Him he will save us. and I left it at that and we went on to do some other stuff.
Some time had passed and Sweet Pea came to me and said "mommy i want to get saved" I said you do she said "yes but I don't know what to say" So we sat down and I prayed a prayer that she could repeat and she repeated it.
Once again I was careful not to tell her she was saved, because I can not know that, that is between her and God, But after she prayed she gave me a great big hug and ran into the next room and Yelled "Mr Man I got saved" OH my he was so excited, she was so excited, and I was excited..
Even before i ever became a mom i started praying that ALL my childer would be Gods children and come to His saving grace at a young age. I know alot of people who think children can't know what they are doing.. but I am proof they are wrong.. I was saved when i was 5 years old and i knew what i was doing and i ment every word of it.
Friday was one of the greatest days of my life, My little girl came to Christ.
Princess did this when she was almost 5 years old in Dec 1999
we were laying in bed talking and we said our prayers for the night and she told me she wanted to pray and get saved so I got the honor of leading my 1st child to the Lord that night.
Mr Man excepted Christ when he was 4 years and 5 months old. My mom was with him when he asked the Lord to save him. I had a doctor appt, I was PG with Alyssa(my baby who is now with the Lord) So my mom took the kids to burger king and when they sat down to eat and prayed for the food, Mr Man right out of the blue said Grandma I want to pray and ask Jesus into my heart to save me. And he did. My mom didn't even have to say a prayer for him to repete, he just prayed right there for God to save him. I came home to the best news ever that day.
and Now Sweet Pea has come to the Lord at 4 years 8 months old.

God is such a great God, I thank Him every day for everything He has done in my life and in the life of my children. Isn't is wonderful how he answers prayer.
Now I sit back and wait to see How my wonderful Lord will bring Little Man to HIM.

I pray that God will continue to Lead me to be the Mother He wants me to be and to help me contiue to Teach my children to live there lifes for Him.

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