Saturday, September 02, 2006

Organized now

I'm sure my organization skills are still lacking, but I'm organized now. I took the last few days away from the computer and blogging world and lived in the realy world and got this house of mine in order. I cleaned out toy boxes and dressers and closets, and got the kitchen , dinning room and living room in order. I still need to do my bedroom, bathroom and my computer desk, but I can live with that mess for a day or two inorder to enjoy my weekend.

I missed Playing WBW and SPF but hopefully this week i can get back on board with those.

My two older children started school this week, but I'll say that for a different post. and Sweet Pea will be starting preschool on tuesday and I had all sort of parents meetings that i had to run to for all of them this week which also kept me away from the computer.

in other news I bought a new vaccume cleaner.. Now there is some exciting news. Don't ya think??? ;) but my old vaccume was useless didn't suck well and it would take forever going over stuff 3 or 4 times and it still left stuff on the floor so it is going out in the trash this week and I'm enjoying my new one, bought it yesterday and vaccumed all the rooms this morning. Never thought i would get excited over vaccuming before. Oh how sad is that LOL.

Well i need to go get groceries, so I guess i'll leave the blog world now and enter back into the real world. bye

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