Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Feeling thankful to be a SAHM

I was thinking about all i had to do today and felt so thankful I was a stay at home mommy, because if i had to work ontop of everything I think i might go bonkers.
I honestly don't know how working moms do it. I did work when the older 2 were babies but they weren't in school and activities or anything like that even then I hated every minute of working because I never wanted to miss a second of my babies life.
Anyways today my dad started with getting up and dressed then getting 4 kids dressed and ready for school and to start there day. Then it was do the whole short order what do you want for breakfest task. Princess and Mr man made it easy, Princess wanted Pops cereal and a glass of Milk, Mr Man apple jacks and toast and OJ, and Sweet pea wanted waffels and water. Little Man just had a handfull of apple jacks and a handful of pops, I ran out of time this morning and didn't get to eat. Then it was out the door, drive past Mr Mans school (because he can't be there any earlier then 8:45amand Princess has to be at her school no later then 8:40 but no earlier then 8:30) drive about 4 blocks and drop Princess off at her school, then turn around and drive back to drop Mr Man off.
ONLY we forgot the candy that he was to take to school today for somesort of project they were doing, so we past his school and drove back home I ran in and found the candy and then it was drive back to Mr Mans school. After dropping off Mr Man it was drive past Princess school and across town to sweet peas preschool today was there open house where the kids and parents got to go to school meet the teachers walk around and play inorder for the kids to get a feel for there new teachers and class room.
The paper we got said (am to 11am but when we got there they said it didn't start till 9:30am. I wasn't about to drive all the way across town again just to trun around and come back so I put Little man into the stroller and Sweet Pea and I just walked around the outside of her school for about 20 min then went in. She had a blast and we ended up staying and letting her play till 11am.
Afterwards we drove home and picked up the house some and then cooked lunch, ate lunch got Little Man down for a nap, cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes(I hate dishes) got on ine for a few mins(not long at all) talked to my mom and my grandma on the phone and Then Little man was awake, so it was out into the yard for an hour to play with Sweet Pea and Little man.
When we were done i bought them in cleaned up sweetpea(you know can't take dirty faced messy haired kids out in public) Then cleaned Rhett up and it was time to go pick up the kids from school. ONLY Sweet Pea fell asleep on the couch, it was too late to call my grandma to either pick the kids up or stay with sweet pea so I had to wake her up.. OH man that just broke my heart, I hate waking sleeping kids.
We loaded up the van and drove to Mr Man's school and picked him up, he came out of school looking like he was sick and he told me his tummy hurt. I really didn't give it a 2nd thought right then just thought he was hungry and tired(I had them out late for fireworks lastnight), we loaded up the van again and headed off to Princess school she was out in the yard talking with some friends so I did the whole mom pull infront of the school and beep the horn thing you see in the movies but that I never ever did in real life thing.. LOL I felt like i was in some teeney bopper movie LOL.
We left the school and had to drive back towards Mr Man's school to stop by a girl in his class house, we were dropping off two big bags of cloths for her that use to be Princess. We got home around 4pm and Mr Man laid on the couch. I dealt with Little man who was having a fit, and Sweet Pea got the coloring books out and Princess went and did her homework. When i saw Mr Man about asleep on the couch I went over and felt his head and he was burning up. Took his temp and it was 102.9. OH MY.. he really was sick. So i called the doctor and got him an appt for 8:50pm(no that is not a typo.. it is PM not AM my kids doc stay open late) I gave him motrin and got him in the tub to cool him off, all while Little Man had a melt down because he wanted to be in my arms and not share his mommy. While that was going on Princess friend Emily came over(she is sort of the annoying friend) and got Princess up set because i wouln't let her leave theneighborhood to go ride bikes with her friend. I did let them play in the yard and up and down our road. I got Mr man out of the tub and dressed, he went and laid down and i cooked dinner.

We sat down to eat at 5:30pm, after eatting and cleaning up a bit i was pushing 6:30. I had to be on the road by 6:45 to be at an open house at Princesses school by 7pm. Had to take Little man with me to that, he was having no part of staying with daddy. The open house was 30 min of the princeable talking then about 15 mins each of her 4 main teachers talking and then 20 mis of her art teacher(she has art the 1st 9 weeks) at 8:30pm I was to go to a PTO meeting for her school but had to skip out of it to get home and get Mr Man to the doctors.

Once at home DH didn't have Mr Man read to go so I had to get him dressed and by the time I took a breat it was 8:40pm and I had to drive across town for an 8:50pm appt. with the fever meds in him his temp was 101.8 when we were at the offices, his throat is red they tested for strep came back neg, and they call it a virus. No school tomorrow, NO SCHOOL FOR 24 HOUR AFTER the fever is gone. How I WISH every parent would stick to that(I'll save that for tomorrow vent)

I got home at 9:40pm to have the phone ring, it was my grandpa not talking as my grandpa though, he was calling as my Pastor to let me know one of the ladies in our church was only given hours to live. After taking to me as Pastor grandma got on the Phone to check on Mr Man and just as I hung up with her my mom called wondering why she hadn't heard from me, and she wanted to know how Mr Man was doing. then I had to call the neighbor I am babysitting for this week to let her know Mr man is sick.. she still want to bring her kids over CRAZY(that will be part two of my post tomorrow) so her it is about 10:30pm and I have to get kids cleaned up put in PJ's teeth brushed homeworked checked agendas singed and tucked into bed Sweet Pea and Mr man goes right to sleep Princess wants to talk about her day and about the guys asking her out so I leave here room at 11pm or a bit afterward take Little man from DH so he can get to sleep. then I pick up toys clean off the table look at the dishes and think "nahhhhhhhhhhhhh they can wait till morning" come into the living room to hear Sweet Pea yelling from the bathroom mommy I'm done and need help so off to wipe a butt. then Little Man starts to cry. UGH thought i was going to cry also I'm so tired.
After getting Sweet pea back to bed I thought HOW IN THE WORLD does a mom who work keep up with all of this. So here i sit at close to midnight blogging and nurseing my baby (who just now passed out so i can go to bed YEAH..) to sleep and yet I told a neighbor i would babysit for her in the morning so I need to be up at 6pm..
This is crazy.. there is no way I could do all this and get up for work and go to work.. I'm feeling very thankful I'm a stay at home mom. (though kicking myself for saying yes to waking up in the middle of the night{yes 6am is the middle of my night} to watch 2 kids and get them off plus my own to school in the morning..)

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