Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Colds and Flues, and Broken Bones OH MY!!!

What a day. I got home from the ER about two hours ago and just now am getting a chance to sit down. The ER story will come later(it has to do with the broken bone part of the title)
Today was to be a nice not to much excitement sort of day. Princess was to go to school, come home do homework, eat dinner and go to basketball pract. Mr Man go to school, come home do homework eat dinner and go to soccer Pract. Sweet pea was going to get all dolled up for school pics today(she even slept in curlers) come home eat lunch play and play eat dinner Play some more. Little man well he still just spends his day eatting, playing and sleeping.
My mom was to come over before the kids went to school to babysit Little Man because it's tuesday and that is my day to work in Mr Man's class at school for an hour having the kids read there reading homework to me(sort of to make sure they are working on it at home)
Well the day started off normal meaning I woke up when the alarm went off. I got the kids up, ONLY Sweet Pea wouldn't get out of bed she just laid there crying and crying saying she wasn't going to school. I knew she had the cold and wasn't feeling that great but i tried to get her up and i took the curlers out of her hair and got her hair done but I could just feel the heat coming off of her so I stopped getting her dress took her temp and sure enough 102.3 UMMMMM No school and No school pics.
My mom got here and checked with her to make sure it was still ok for her to watch them since Sweet Pea was sick and cranking and Little man was coughing his silly little head off, she was cool with that. So off to take the kids to school i went.

Once at Mr Mans school, His teacher was rushing around like she was trying to get out of there which was a bit odd seeing how school was just starting. BUT she had just got back from the doctors and she has the flu and Pink eye but they kept her so long at the doctors this morning that she had just got to the school to tell them she couldn't work. So they found her a sub and she was getting everything ready for that sub and was trying to get out of there before getting anyone sick. So I spend my hour working with Mr Man's class and just as i was finishing up the princessable comes in and ask me if I could cover another 1st grade class as well because the room mother didn't show up(because she was sick) and that class needed some help. So i went and helped them for another 30 mins. Then came home.
My mom had started to paint the wood work in my livingroom(don't know if i have blogged about that but her and i have been painting my whole house wood work is all we have left to do) I helped a bit but then Little Man got to cranking that i went to lay down with him, once he was asleep I got up, ONLY to feel like crap and I ended up in the bathroom sick at both ends UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spent the rest of the day that way. Now i have a fever and feel pretty crappy.

My mom stayed to finishes up the 1/2 of the room she had started then she went shopping and she stopped back by to show me what she bought right about the time i had to go pick the kids up from school.
When i got the kids home it hit me, how on earth was I going to take Mr Man to soccer with 2 cranking and sick kids and being sick myself. Princesses I could just drop off at the school for basketball but Mr Man is too little to do the drop off thing yet. So I asked my mom if she could either stay with the little ones or take Mr Man to soccer, she said she would take him to soccer.
So 5:30pm rolls around and she drops Princess off for me and goes with Mr Man to soccer.
At 6pm DH wakes up(he is covering for someone so he is working nights for the next 2 weeks) So i have him stay with the little ones so I could go to Soccer, my mom had been in town since 8am and i figured she might want to go home. When i got there i saw Mr Man and my mom walking to there car.. I didn't know why because he had 30 more mins of soccer. When i got closer Mr Man had ice on his arm.
I guess durning they were playing agaist another team and one of the other team members tripped Mr Man, he fell right on his arm. ONLY he didn't fall on the ground he fell on another kids shoe(the kid had fell also) and his wriste and all his weight landed right on his kids shoes, and then the other kids kept kicking his arm trying to get the ball. He looked like he was in alot of pain but kept telling us he was fine because he was worried about having to have x-rays.
We drove him home told DH what happend and DH took him to the hospital, my mom stayed with my 2 sick kids and I went and picked Princess up from basketball(this was 7pm) I brought Princess back home and I took off to the hospital also, just in time to give Mr Man a kiss as they took him back to x-rays.
a bit later they come back and tell us sure enough he had broke his arm. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the 1st broken bone i had to deal with with my babies. They put some sort of 1/2 cast type thing on it. 1st they wrapped his arm with cotton type stuff then put a bottom part of a cast sort of thing(sort of like a splint) they wet it down and places it to his arm then it harded and they put an ace bandage all around it. I have to take him to a bone doctor tomorrow(or i call tomorrow and when they get me in i don't know) and from there they said they might put him in a real cast. It is broke at his wrist on his left hand. If he isn't in too much pain I'm sending him to school tomorrow. ONLY no running at recess and no gym.. for a 6 almost 7 year old boy this is going to make him crazy. I'm going to be worried about him all day long. 1) if he is in pain and 2) if he falls on it again or does something boy-ish not thinking and hurts it again. Part of me just want to keep him home from school till he gets the cast on it but he has already missed 2 days of school because he was sick and he has to miss a 3rd for a dentist appt this friday. He hasn't even been in school a month yet so he doesn't need to be missing anymore school. ~sigh~

OH did i mention DH is home from work tonight because he is now puking his guts out too, just like i was this afternoon. My tummy feels better but i'm tired and feel ackey so what am i doing online.. good question. but i thought i would let you all know where i was today.

I'm off to bed now, hopefully DH and I will be better tomorrow and Little Man and Sweet Pea will be better and Mr Man won't be in too much pain. Poor Princess she is the only well one in the group.

Please keep my grandpa in your prayer, he wasn't feeling to hot so he called his heart doctor yesterday(he can normally tell anymore when something isn't right with his heart) His doctor had him come into the hospital this morning for a cath. He had two blocked arteries ended up with 2 more stints(or is it stents??) So he is still in the hospital recovering from that. When he called grandma and asked how the kids were(he went down the list asking about them by name) Grandma didn't tell him about Mr Mans broken arm figured his BP was high enough today and he didn't need that kind of news.

I'll end my book now night all


sari said...

Holy cow!!!

I sure hope you're all doing better soon!!! It's nice your mom was there to help you.

Feel better!

Carol said...

OMG Karen... That's awful. Hope you're ALL feeling better!

Fantastagirl said...

WOW...I hope his arm is feeling better by now! and that the rest of you are no longer sick. Life is never good when the Mommy is sick!

Good luck keeping him from being a little boy - I'm finding it nearly impossible!