Friday, September 22, 2006

a normal week

I was doing some blog reading, since my brain wasn't working and I couldn't think of anything to blog about myself, When i came across Fantastagirl post about how having kids make our life busy. I though man isn't that the truth. I honestly don't know what I would be doing with myself if I didn't have my babies. I know i wouldn't be running every day and I wouldn't be broke all the time LOL. This week I concidered to be a slow week for us but I'll post about my week anyways.

Sunday: We had church and sunday school in the morning, I had to miss both because Little Man had a really bad cold and I didn't want to take him out sick, in the afternoon DH stayed home with the younger kids while I drove 45 mins one way to get Princess to the football game that she was cheerleading at. Sat there for 2 hours watching her cheer and seeing part of the game but mostly watching her cheer, then drive the 45 mins back. rush around eatting dinner(which DH had made since i was gone) Got the 3 older kids all dressed for church and it was off to there 1st Awana's meeting of the year. Also on sunday my parents were over helping with some house work we were doing, so besides running all day some stuff did get done around here, While i was gone all the windows and woodwork on the outside of my house got scraped and the front and both side windows got painted. Mr Man and Sweet Pea wanted in on the action so they painted all the white bricks i have going all around the house(to line my flower beds) white. They were covered in paint so after they ate dinner both of them needed to soak in the tub a bit inorder to get the paint off of them before PM Church. I really didn't have time for that but we rushed it and made it to church on time.(well maybe 2 mins later but that's not bad for me, read my sunday six about way are people late ). After I got back from church/awanas I spent the next hour and a half cleaning out the garage and basement. you see the next morning was our town big pick up day and I wanted to get all the junk from there out to the road. At a little after 9pm I was bathing the other 2 kids that didn't get bathed before church, checking Princess homework, signing everyones agenda books. Then packing DH's lunch and having him on his way to work at 9:30pm then getting the kids teeth brushed and reading bedtime stories and turning off there lights by 10pm
monday was a slow day for me, meaning I didn't have any running to do after the kids got home from school. my day went like this, wake up get dress, wake up the two older kids get them dressed for school and feed, wake up two younger kids just get them dress. load the van drop off child #1 at her school drop off child #2 at his school. take Child #3 & 4 with me while we ran to the bank and 3 other stops that needed done. get home at 9:30am feed younger 2 breakfest. As they are eatting my parents come over to help me finish up what we had started the day before, So we got the rest of the outside painting done, Then we moved inside. Over the last 3 weeks I painted all the walls in the livingroom, dinningroom and foyer. On monday we did all the window and trim in the dinningroom and a 1/4 of it in the livingroom. Taking a break to cook lunch for my kids, myself and my parents eat lunch, put Little man down for a nap and play ball in the yard with Sweet Pea. My parents were still here when i left to pick up the kids from school( i had my dad working on fixing my kitchen sick which took to leaking all over my floor every time I filled it up) While on my way to get the kids from school my van's A/C and heater blower went out. It would only turn on when i had it set at high. As my parents were loading there stuff up ready to leave dad asked "hows the van running for ya" I had to giggle and told him the A/C just died on me today. Well this is my dad he had to take a look so for the next 2 hours he looked tried things and found what it was and fixed it for me. Got to love my dad. OHHHHHHHHHHHH ALSO on monday I got a brand new leather desk chair from my parents so now i can blog in comfort and style :) and besides all the work they did for me sunday and monday and the new chair, They brought over there new like gas grill and gave it to me, knowing that i pitched our old rusting and burner not working grill to the road on sunday for big pick up day. My parents ended up leaving my house between 5:30 and 6pm. At which time i woke up dh and started to cook dinner, we got to have a sit down around the table family dinner even if we didn't get to eat until a bit after 7pm. Then I did the check all the home work sign all the papers and help each of the kids with spelling words. Got them all bathed and in PJ's, Got DH off to work and got the kids in bed by 9:30pm.

was a bit of a crazy day. Got up dressed and got all 4 kids up and dressed and feed and then it was drop princess off at her school, Mr Man off at his school and Sweet Pea off at preschool. Mr Man on the way out the door tells me he wanted to pack his lunch he didn't like what they were having. UMMMMMMMMM NO we will be late to school. After dropping them all off I had 2 other stops needing to be made, then I came home. Thinking that my parents told me they would be over but they never showed. No biggie but i thought they said they would so i was a bit worried when they did show up and they weren't at home. BUT it was there 35th wedding anniversary so I can't say i blame them for going out and doing stuff together(dad is on vacation this week that is why he isn't at work) So I cleaned my house and did laundry and got some time online and got Little Man down for a morning nap 1st time in sometime for that. At 11am I was off to go pick up Sweet Pea from preschool she got out at 11:30am and I was feeling bad about telling Mr Man too bad about his lunch so I stopped at the Mcdonalds across the street from the preschool and ordered the 20 pcs Mc nugget and 2 lg fries deal that was for $5.99( i figured I could feed 4 with that amount of food) ONLY they told me they don't have that offer, to which i said I saw a sign at the Mcdonalds on the other side of town offering that, they said they didn't so I said, thank you but no thank you I'll drive across town to get it. I don't know why I did that I didn't have time to drive across town and get this food back to Mr Man at school for his lunch.. but I did anyways I rushed and I mean rushed just a tad over the speed limit to the other Mcdonalds waited in the drive though for 10 mins giving me only 5 mins to get to Mr Man's school before he went to lunch. I made it though Just as the bell rang and he was walking out of his class room to go to the lunch room i was able to surprise him with nuggest, fries and a pop. HE was sooooooooooooooooooo happy and I felt like a good mommy :)
AT about 12:15pm I was back home with Sweet Pea and Little Man feeding them and myself nuggest and fries for lunch. After lunch we went outside and pushed Little Man in the swing and Sweet Pea and I played soccer. At 2pm we put Little Man down for a nap and Sweet Pea watched some cartoons while I played online. At 3pm it was time to get the kids from school. Princess had a friend coming over after school to play so i had an extra kid and extra mess and extra noise for 2 hours. We had told this girl and her mom that we would have her home at 5:20pm because Princess had Volleyball at 5:30pm(really she had Volleyball and Basketball at 5:30pm but she missed Basketball and did the volleyball, Basketball was only open gym, there real season doesn't start till like mid Oct) Anyways we take this girl home ONLY to find noone is there. UGH.. so i had her get into the van and go with us. I wouldn't want someone just dropping of my dd at home with noone there. So we take Princess to Volleyball and get her settled in(it was the 1st v-ball conditioning of this season)and meet her team and coaches. Then i load the van back up with my younger 3 kids and Pricesses friend and head back over to this girls house to see if anyone was there yet. I was sort of in a rush because Mr Man had soccer at 5:30pm also and he was already going to be late. We pull into her drive way and just as she was getting out of the van to go to her house her mom pulls in behind me. The mom was NOT a happy camper. The 1st thing she said was I thought you said she would be home at 5:20 @@ hum hello she was you weren't here.. So i said i had her her but noone was home so i took her with me to drop Princess off at her volleyball she had to be there at 5:30pm so I couldn't wait around for you to get home.. Then she looked at her dd and said "you need to get listen better I told you i wouldn't be here i had to pick up your brother but I told you to go down and watch tv until i got home I wouldn't be long" So the mother talked to me a bit and by the time I got done doing that it was already after 6pm so I skipped Mr Man's soccer practise, it would have took me 15 mins to get there and by then he would have got maybe 15 to 20 mins of time in, wasn't worth it. When i got home I got dinner ready and threw it into the oven and then woke up DH to stay with the kids and keep an eye on dinner, while I headed out to go pick up Princess from Volleyball(which ended at 7pm) We got home and ate dinner at around 7:30pm. At which time we did the homework, sign papers and do spelling words. I skipped the younger two and there bath and only bathed the older two(the younger ones didn't have school the next day) Got Dh off to work and kids in bed between 9:30 and 10pm

morning was about the same as normal, wake up dress, wake up kids, feed kids, get kids to school, pick kids up from school. in between clean house, do dishes, read to and play with younger kids, feed younger kids bath younger kids. I also thought i would trim Little mans hair but that will be a different post. Wed. after school is the mad rush to get homework done, everyone feed and dressed and off to Wed night church. normally get back home about 8;15pm do the getting everything ready for the next morning, get ready for bed and get DH off to work thing and then kids in bed by 10pm.

is another morning that Sweet Pea has preschool so its a 3 stop morning when dropping the kids off at school. ONLY as i was loading the kids into the van running a bit behind to begin with Little Man pooped though his diaper. YUCK!!!!!!!!! EWWWWWWWWW.. I ran back in the house and stopped DH before he was headed to bed and had him drive the kids to school. Well i gave him his choices of changing and cleaning up the poop, guess what one he picked LOL. When he got home it was close to 9:30am and he was wide awake so he told me to get ready and pack up the baby we were going to go grocery shopping and then out to lunch. You see I didn't have to pick sweet pea up after school because she was going after school to play with her friend B. So we left about 10am and did the groceries, had a nice lunch and was home at 1pm. I picked up Sweet Pea and put Little man down for his 1st nap boy did he need that. Sweet Pea was a sleepy girl also so she laid down and watched cartoons and Dh went to bed, so I shaved, color my hair and took a shower while everyone was sleeping. Got dressed and the kids woke up just in time for school to end for the older ones. Mr Man had a Play date after school at his friend L's house. So i got him there and Princess headed off to play with her friend S. I got them all home around 4:45pm and i feed them. At 5pm the doorbell rang and it was the neighbor girl from down the road who is Princess friend she said to me "my mom had to go to the hospital to pick up my grandma, she told me to come over here and go to cheerleading with Princess or I couldn't go. So i'm going to stay here and go to cheerleading with Princess" as she was walking into my house.. OK!!!!!!!! I guess I'll be taking her to cheerleading and picking her up then, Nice of the mother to ask me 1st huh????? what the heck is up with some parents. Shortly after that my granparents who have been out of state stopped by and asked if they could keep the 3 older kids overnight. I said yes But Princess had cheerleading from 5:30pm to 7pm so grandpa took Sweet Pea and Mr Man to his house and Grandma got all excited that she was going to get to help Mr Man with the rest of his homework. and they also dropped Princess and her friend T off at cheerleading. At 7pm I picked them up and took T home(no saying thank you by the way) and headed over to grandma's to drop Princess off. well at 8pm Sweet Pea was wanting to come home.. so Grandpa brought her home. she was sick with a slight fever and a cold. I gave her tylenal cold med and she was out like a light by 9pm got Dh off to work and got online while I nursed Little Man to sleep. I taped Greys and that other new show but haven't got a chance to watch it yet.

that brings me to today.. which i won't post about till it over LOL

so now that i board you all to tears I'll publish this now How was your week?


dcrmom said...

Good night, woman! I hope you type fast. ;-) My week, well, it's not like you haven't had a running update on MWB. :-) But my week has been pretty bo-o-o-oring.

KC said...

LOL well i can type at a pretty good speed, but i have been told i talk that fast also LOL. next week will be my crazy week with having to work at Mr Man's school, Sweet Peas school pics, and all the kids have cleanings at the dentist on the same day so that will be about 2 hours in a dentist office plus the hour drive there and the hour drive back and a stop for lunch we are talking a all day job to go to the dentist. Throw in there Princess Volleyball, Basketball and Fastpitch pract. and Mr Man Soccer game I should stay pretty busy. :)