Friday, September 08, 2006

1st Day of School

Today was the last day of the 2nd week of school for Princess and Mr Man. Nothing like being on the ball with my blogging huh? It's time to post about there 1st day of school this year. The 1st day was Aug 29, 2006 they went 4 days the 1st week and with Labour Day this past monday they only had 4 days this week also.

Princess is now a 5th grader. In our town the 5th and 6th graders are in there own building. This means she went from our small elementary school where there were only 50 kids in her grade to this new school were there is close to 300 students in her grade. She seems to be adjusting really well. She was a bit worried because she is in the gifted classes and was worried about being labeled a nerd. You see in elementary school the gifted program was a pull out program where 3 days a week she would be taken out of her normal classes for 1/2 a day and bussed to a different school for her gifted classes. NOT this year though, this year with no longer being in elementary she is in the gifted program and enrichment classes all day long. This means her normal school friends from her school are all in other classes with other teachers, she still has a few of her friends she knew from the gifted classes she has been going to since 2nd grade but not her best friends. It all seems to be going well though, she loves her teachers she loves the way her classes are being taugh and in her extra classes(this 9 weeks it's art) she is mixed in with other students and alot of her other friends are in there with her and in her lunch time also.

MR MAN is now a big 1st grader, The year started great ONLY he got sick this week and had to miss two days of school. What bad luck that was here it is only the 2nd week of school and he already missed 2 day. He wasn't too upset though. LOL His teacher is really nice. She is not only new to the school but this is her 1st year teaching, she is young and pretty and though he hasnt come out and said it, I think He has a crush on her. Everytime I ask him about her or we talk about Ms. B he turns red and gets this embarassed smile on his face, IT's too cute.

In other school news Ms B(mr man's teacher) asked me if he had an older sister and said her name. I said yes and she got all excited and said "my mom is her teacher" how in the world I missed that Mrs B and Ms B had the same last name I'll never know LOL.. guess i have been a tad to busy for my own good there one of those "YEAH DUH" moments LOL

if you would like to view more pics of Princess and Mr Man and there 1st day of school you can view the album here.

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