Monday, August 13, 2007

It's about time(Little Man's two year picture)

I'm becoming a bad mommy. with the 1st two kids I was on the ball always getting there pictures taken in a timely manner, didn't hurt that I worked at sears taking the pictures myself LOL. Then came Sweet Pea and I wasn't working so she didn't get them taken as often but she did get all the normal milestone shots, newborn 3 months 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 18 months 2 years and so it goes.

Along comes Little Man I did pretty good did the same time with him as I did Sweet Pea That was until this last one. :( My baby turned two years old on May 14, 2007 and I didn't get around to taking him in for his two year picture. Bad bad mommy.. I kept trying but things kept coming up or I didn't think about it. That was until June 14 rolled around and it hit me here he was already 26 months old and I had yet to get his picture taken so on June 16 I got him in, and his pictures were ready for me to pick up this past week. So here is Little Man's two year picture, or more like two years, two months and two day old picture LOL.

When Sweet Pea heard she and I was taking Little man to get his picture taken(this was the week of VBS so the old two kids weren't with us) She wanted her picture taken also. I was about ready to walk out the door for the appointment but figured what could the harm be in letting her get her picture taken also, after all they always take all those extra pictures after the package deal anyways. I never expected to buy a picture of Sweet Pea so I wasn't going to get her dressed up. After I told her it was ok she could get a picture taken also.. she ran to her bedroom and when I yelled for her to come one we need to head out to the van and get going.. she came out of her bedroom in a pretty dress, it wasn't button in the back or tied and her hair was in her eyes.. but she had got herself dressed for her picture .. So I brushed though her hair and put a barrette in it and away we went. Sweet Pea took some amazing shots I couldn't NOT buy at least one.. So here is Sweet Pea on June 16, 2007.. I'm counting this as a 5 1/2 year old photo seeing how on June 29 she turned 5 1/2 years old :P
Look how big my baby girl is getting this is the same baby that I posted picture of in my Throwback Thursday post this past thursday.
Sweet Pea has also been giving me alot of stuff to blog about lately.

Like Last night when I asked her If I could read her a bedtime story it went like this. Me: "hey can i read you a bedtime story tonight" her response was in a sort of 'like do you have to' voice "Why" I answered "because I like reading you bedtime stories" She lets out a ~sigh~ and says "Fine" sort of like in a If you must sort of way LOL..
Two nights ago. Mr Man comes out of his room with Sweet Pea closely behind He says Mom Sweet Pea called me an Idiot. Sweet Pea, before he could even finish the words, butts in and says in protest "it was an accident" I just about spit my pop all over her trying not to LOL. once I composed myself I asked her "how do you accidentally call someone a name" before I could finish she butted in again and said "I said I was sorry" in a 'shouldn't that make it all better' sort of way. SNORT.
Yesterday on the way to church don't ask me how they came up with the topic but they were talking about school buses, Sweet Pea said I rode on a bus during safety town and it was boring. Mr Man says "Sweet Pea school bus rides can be fun" and before he could finish his thought she says. "UMMMM NO! Mr Man a Limo can be fun" LOL
She has me cracking up.. but I think I"m going to have to have a talk about interrupting people(we already had the name calling talk) but I'm telling ya the girl is quick with her thoughts and come backs.


Lori_N said...

Beautiful already know that I know. They take great pictures. Two months is not bad, KC, don't beat yourself up.

Melanie said...

Those are beautiful pictures! And what a pretty dress she picked out all by herself. When I was teaching I worked with 5 year olds. It was amazing how many things they did "accidentaly" thinking they couldn't get in trouble if didn't mean it.

Fantastagirl said...

Pan used to "accidentally" do many things...then he realized that he would get in trouble anyway...

Great photos.

Stayllo said...

Those are great pictures of your beautiful children!

Marz said...

Those are absolutely beautiful!!!
Your little man looks just like you. Your daughter looks like she could be a model on a magazine. You definitely have gorgeous children!
Thank you for the award!!!

Karen said...

Truly fabulous photos and such funny things children say aye? It always blows me away. Gorgeous!!

palmtreefanatic said...

your kids are SOOOO Beautiful!