Thursday, August 23, 2007

Throwback Thursday. #2

This week for Throwback Thursday I'm going to keep with my same theme from this weeks Time Travel Tuesday.

When thinking about my Throwback Thursday post for today I remembered I had these pictures online(since I can't scan anything while my mom is out of town) So I'm going to share these with you today. This was my car after the accident the picture really doesn't show the damage that was done. the whole back end of the car was pushed under and in and made the car look like an accordion from the back all the way up to the doors.. It was a sweet little car too, but they totalled it after this.
This is me after the accident.. picture of beautie I know. LOL.. I mentioned I didn't want to wear this stuff to my wedding show.. Now you know why I took off the neck brace and stuff for the shower.. I can look back at those pictures now and unless I told you, no one would know that I was in pain. ;) I was hurting so bad the night after the shower too, just too much movement. (if you missed my post about this accident or the shower read it HERE)

These pictures were from August 1994
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Shana said...

Car accidents are no fun. Funny what we girls will do to look!!!

pinks & Blues Girls said...

You are definitely looking like you're in pain in that picture. Oh, you poor thing! However, your hair looks really stylin' despite that!

Jane, P&B Girls

MomOf3 said...

Wow! That looks so painful!

MostlyTruth said...

Thanks for visiting my site!!

Yikes!! I love the color-block shirt, though--would you believe my husband STILL HAS ONE?!! :)

Melanie said...

You don't look like you're feeling too good in that picture.

JHS. said...

I see the damage to the car and you definitely don't look happy in that photo.

Thanks for stopping by!