Sunday, August 12, 2007

Last Weekend August 3 & 4, 2007

Last weekend was Princess very last fastpitch tournament of the season. It was also her last time to play for the 10U age group she moves up to the 12U group now. This tournament was about 3 hours south of where we live so we couldn't just drive back and forth between games. Most of the team was staying in a super 8 not all that great hotel down in the town the tournament was, but DH did some research into the area we were headed and found there was two state parks not to far from there one was 15 minutes from the park and the other was about 30 minutes from the ball fields So after I saw that the kids were well(they were all sick that week) I checked to see who wanted to go camping or who wanted to stay at grandmas(my mom had offered to keep the kids if they didn't want to sit though the ball games) On Thursday afternoon August 2. I found out that It was just Me, DH and Princess taking this trip. The younger three kids wanted to spend the weekend at Grandmas house. So Thursday night we loaded up the van and when my DH left for work that night, the kids and I headed over to my parents house to spend the night. Friday morning DH meet me at my parents around 7:45am and we took off for the weekend while the rest of my kids were still sleeping. The tournament was great but I'm not going to post about that right now.. What I wanted to share was the camping part of out trip.
It was so fun. We couldn't get a camp sit at the closer of the two parks but the one that was 30 minutes from the fields had spots left. We didn't get to the campground until 6pm on Friday night because that is when the ball games were over. BUT we got a really nice site, it sat on top of a hill(this part of the state is all hills) our parking spot was at the bottom of the hill and then the flat ground to set up our tent and stuff was at the top of the hill. That night after setting up camp we showered(needed it, after sitting outside in 99 degree weather at the ball park all day) and then went and found a grocery store and got some dinner and then went back to camp made a fire and called it an early night
The next morning we had to be up bright and early.. Princess had to be at the ball fields by 7am for there 1st game and we were at the ball fields once again until 6pm. Here is a picture of princess laying in the back of our van between games with the A/C running cooling off(we had the seat out of the van to store all the camping stuff)That night after the game one of Princess friends from her ball team came back to camp with us. Here is a picture I took of them, They were in the tent and I was looking in though the window of the tent. After my flash went off and they knew I was there, I went into the tent to get this shot of them.The next picture was while we were getting things set up to cook dinner. I had to walk down to the van to get some things and when I was walking up the hill I thought i would take a picture of our camp site..We had a good night camping with Princess and her friend. The camp ground was showing a movie that night and I took the girls to watch it.. We didn't stay very long into it when the girls changed there mind and wanted to go back and just sit around the camp fire.
I think they were both extremely tired from waking up early and playing ball in the close to 100 degree weather all day long because they were both asleep by 10pm .
With them falling asleep so early It left me and DH with alone time around the camp where we talked and had a blast and held each other until wee hours in the morning..
We thought that the girls had a ball game at noon on Sunday but at 6am it started to pour down rain and it never let up. So the tournament they were playing in ended up getting cancelled so we took down the tent and loaded the van in the pouring rain but even with the rain we all still had a wonderful weekend of camping and softball.


Fifi said...

Beautiful family memories! Your kids will remember the times you watched and supported them!!
You have such gorgeous girls!
Love to you

kim said...

what a fun weekend and how romantic to have some time alone with your husband around a campfire. We did a big camp trip two years ago and I hold some of my favorite memories of my boys from that trip--camping is such a great family thing to do.