Sunday, August 19, 2007

Two by two by two

Found this at Annie's blog, she tagged her readers with it. I thought it looked like fun, so here it is.

1) Two names you go by: KC and my real name ;P

2)Two things you are wearing right now: jean Capri's and a peach colored t-shirt.

3) Two things you want in a relationship: Love and Laughter

4) Two of your favorite things to do: spend time with my family and blog

5)Two things you want very badly at the moment: A nap and the litter mate(think that is what that self cleaning litter box is called)

6)Two Pets you had/have: cats and dogs (also fish and turtles and hermit crabs and bunnies) but at the moment we have one cat and three kittens need I explain anymore about my badly wanting the litter mate??)

7)Two people who will fill this out: Ummmm how about You and Oh yeah you over there.. :P

8) Two things you did last night: visited with my in laws over at there house, then came home and spent the rest of the evening with my man(DH) and my Little Man.

9) Two people that live in your house: Princess and Mr Man(as well as sweet pea, Little Man, DH and Myself)

10) Two people you talked too last: DH and Little Man(besides myself they are the only ones home)

11) Two thing you are doing tomorrow: Making out my menu plan and cleaning out the girls bedroom. including dresses, toys boxes and closet.

12)Two longest car rides: To visit my sister in TX(22 hours), and to go on this past spring vacation to Dayton Beach.(16 hours)

13)Two of your favorite holidays: Christmas and Easter

14) Two favorite beverages: Sunkist and lemonade

There you have it my two by two by two.. If your reading and want to play along, do so and let me know so I can come and check it out.

Happy Sunday everyone.


Stayllo said...

That was a creative list. I enjoyed it!!

palmtreefanatic said...

that was great!
#11 sounds exciting;)
I was spending today really cleaning Adams room...what a job!!! he saves too much clutter too but at least he isn't attached to it like my daughter!

Happy Sunday to you! I think i will list my menu plan tonight! I am READY...wooohooo