Saturday, August 18, 2007

Last weekend of July tournament.

Today for my post I thought I would share some photos I took back at the end of July. I had put these pictures onto my blog sometime ago just haven't posted them yet. These were taken at Princess ball tournament that weekend.I'm sure you saying wait a minute that doesn't look like she is playing ball, well your right. These pictures were taken between games over at the playground. I do have tons and tons of playing ball photos for all the kids and there games which I might share one day, but these ones were taken with my phone not my normal camera and I was clearing the pictures off my phone so you all are the lucky folks to get to see these ones.
Now your all thinking, that's not Princess... Right again. Here we have Little Man getting in on the action. This day Mr Man and Sweet Pea went to a graduation party with my grandparents so there was no pictures of them playing at the playground, but they did spend most the the day before playing on this same play scape.Here are some of the girls on Princess team along with Princess
Here is another one of my brave Little Man. He was 26 months in this shot.One last shot of Princess(down in front with the glasses) and her friends

Update on my kids and there road trip with grandma and grandpa

My 3 older kids took off yesterday with my parents to go visit my sister in TX.
My parents picked them up around 5:30pm last night and took them to there house where my dad loaded up the van and then went and took a nap(he had worked yesterday)
I just got a phone call from them letting me know all was well. They are north of Nashville right now and had just finished eating breakfast. They have 680 miles to go to get to my sisters. They left at midnight and have gone about 475 miles so far. Everyone is doing well, but then they all pretty much slept that whole time. Now the real fun begins LOL.


Nadine said...

Neat pictures. Your princess is so very pretty. What a long trip, I pray they get there safely. Have a nice weekend.

annie said...

Cute pictures KC!