Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Six(are you late? I don't remember)

This weeks sunday six questions
1. What does it mean to forget?
2. What does it mean to be late?
3. Why do people forget things?
4. Why are people late sometimes?
5. Who is usually late, Mommy or Daddy?
6. Did you forget something?

Answered by My Princes 10 1/2 years old, Mr Man 6 1/2 years old and Sweet Pea 4 1/2 years old.

#1 what does it mean to forget?

My Princess "Not remember"

Mr Man "Your thinking of something, then you think about something eals and then time passes and you just forget"

Sweet Pea " I don't remember"

#2 What does it mean to be late?

My Princess " Not be there on time"

Mr Man "When your mom drives you to school" SNORT!!!!!! um i get them there on time well sometimes LOL

Sweet Pea "you. Not getting to sunday school" OOPES so i was running behind this morning and ended up missing most of sunday school

#3 Why do people forget?

My Princess " They have too much on there minds and don't remember"

Mr Man " Cuz there not to smart"

Sweet Pea "I'll have to pass"

#4 Why are people Late sometimes

My Princess "Because there parents don't get them there on time"

Mr Man "Cuz there mom"

Sweet Pea "because they want to stay home"

#5 Who is usually late mommy or daddy? (LOL after reading the 1st 4 answers what do you think they are going to say LOL)

My Princess "mommy"

Mr Man " MOM"

Sweet Pea " YOU" points at me then says "mom"

#6 Did you forget something?

My Princess "My homework"

Mr Man " My backpack one time"

Sweet Pea " NO "

so there ya have it this weeks sunday six Did you Play? Let me know and stop by Sunday six and let Kelly know you played also.


Finelly said...

Very cute answers!
I think I'll get you an alarm clock for your birthday. LOL!

Carol said...

I love those answers!