Friday, August 25, 2006


This weeks assingment
1. Stuff that annoys the living beep out of you.
2. YOUR space.
3. Something in your life that keeps the makers of Xanax in business.

See this big man in the white.. He annoys the crap out of me more then anyone i have ever meet in my life. This was My Princess tournament coach.. for more ways that he drove me nuts check out my past blog about it. here is the link

My Spaces. the top pic is my dinning room, though it was set up for a birthday party and the bottom pic is my living room also at the same birthday party. these two photos were taken in May at Little Man's 1st birthday party.

and for keeping the makers of Xanax in business
My Princess yearly birthday/slumber parties. We never have less then 20 girls and often more. They are fun though. ONLY now Mr Man is asking for this birthday party this year to be a sleep over like his big sister has.. OH MY GOODNESS i can't really tell him no since we have been doing this for 4 or 5 years now for Princess but girls are alot different then boys what will i do with a house filled with 6 and 7 year old boys LOL.

Did you play??? and don't forget to check out Stuff Portrait Friday


Sheri & SuZan said...

OMG...when my son turned 12, I let him have a big sleep over of 15. I vowed to NEVER do that again!

I thought I was gonna die!

I played.

Teena said...

Ha! Great pix!

Thanks for stopping by mine :)

Suzanne R said...

Great SPF!

I played, but am commenting a bit late because of the Blogger problems yesterday.