Friday, August 11, 2006

He must have lost his mind.

DH who is at work working OT called me about 30 mins ago and asked "How soon can you be packed" Clueless I asked for what he said "to make a trip to Nashville" WHAT???????????????? um dear that is like 9 or 10 hours away.
I guess a package didn't get out with the UPS guy this evening and this package needs to be in Nashville by 8am tomorrow, So they were asking people if they would be willing to drive it out there and everything would be paid for plus get paid so much per mile.. OK yeah sounds like a great idea and I might have jumped all over it seeing how i have two good cyber friends who both live in Nashville.. ONLY WE HAVE FOUR KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has he lost his mind calling and telling me we are just going to pack up and leave and drive all night long.. He must have..

No we are not making a trip to Nashville tonight, sorry. Princess has her cheer fest all day tomorrow and I have to teach sunday school sunday morning and Princess also has try out for the fastpitch soft ball team that is her 1st pick if she makes it on sunday afternoon. Besides that Little Man hates his carseat and screams non-stop while in it.. as proven by our last trip to TN just a week ago!!!!!

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