Saturday, August 05, 2006

missed a day already

So much for goal setting.
missed my 1st day of a post a day goal, what a slacker.

I did get about 6 loads of laundry done yesterday and got the house somewhat picked up. I still have alot of cleaning to do and about 6 more loads of laundry to do UGH its never ending isn't it.

Took Sweet Pea into the doctors yesterday late in the afternoon for her ear pain, it's not a middle ear infection. She has swimmers ear so she is doing the ear drop thing and has to stay out of the pool for 3 days. OH me that is going to be a hard thing for a 4 year old. Poor baby

Went to my friends little girls 4th birthday party lastnight and the birthday girl ended up sick all over the floor 1/2 way though the party.. I feel bad for her but really really hope that whatever made her sick isn't something one of my 4 could pick up.

Princess is starting her 1st weekend of tryouts for next summers tournament fastpitch team. Today is the try outs for the team she played on this summer the Wizards. She is interested in trying out for some of the other teams that she saw this summer so besides trying out for her team she is also trying out for 4 others. Don't know what she will do if she makes them all but she said she wants to be able to have her pick of a team so the next few weekends will be softball try outs for her.

Well better get on to laundry since it won't wash itself

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