Friday, August 25, 2006

Breaking the bad news

Today we told Mr Man and Sweet Pea about the two cats. It went alot and I mean A LOT better then i had thought it would. I think it helped that it wasn't Mr Mans cat. KWIM. They were home and the 3 older kids were playing with Sox (Mr Mans cat) and they were throwing the ball and he was chasing after it. about 20 mins of playing Mr Man looked up and asked "hey were are the other cats" I said "do you remember saturday and sunday when they were sick" he said yes I said "well they were just too sick and they ended up dieing" He gave me a look like i was joking around with him and said "mom" so i said "no Mr Man i'm not joking i'm sorry honey but they were just too sick and they didn't make it" He got a extreamly sad look on his face but didn't cry. Princess looked at him and said "it's ok to cry Mr Man, it's sad and when things like this happen it's ok to cry" Mr Man said "Well in that case i think i'll do that now" He said it so matter of factly that i almost thought he was joking.. right as he said that he bent his head down into his hands and stayed that way for about 3 mins then looked up(me still not knowing if he was really crying or not cuz he didn't make any noise and he wasn't shaking or anything, i was hugging him) but when he looked up his eyes were all red and filled with tears. My heart broke for him but that was all he did as far as crying it was nothing like Princess at all he went on to play and didn't act sad the rest of the day.
Now we told Sweet Pea at the same time as Mr Man because she was right there with them playing with sox. She never cried or anything she didn't even act sad. Princess said to her "you know what died means don't you?" She said "yeah it means there dead" Mr Man said "it means we will never see our cats again"sort of in a crying voice and Princess said "Mr Man please don't make her sad" So at this point i stepped in and told them we need to be careful not to let Sox gets outside(silly cat has been trying to run out every time the door is open) and i explained to them why. I told them that somehow the other 2 must have ate something that made them so sick so we don't want that to happen to sox, to Which Mr Man say "NO we don't. he will stay in the house" and with in a second Sweet Pea jumps up off the floor and says " No it's ok, he can go out" then she turned and looked at me and asked "if sox gets sick and dies can i have a dog" OMG I was ROTFLMBO on the inside but didn't dear LOL for real because Mr Man and Princess are still sad. But that Sweet Pea she kills me sometimes.

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