Thursday, August 03, 2006

my new goal

My new goal doesn't sound all that hard but with as crazy as things have been here it might take some work.
The new goal is to post atleat one new entry here a day. One a day, think I can do it?

I just got home from our vacation in TN and I have alot i could post about only it's after midnight, the baby is bound to wake up since he is totally off his norm as far as sleeping and napping goes and I have suitcase upon suitcases of dirty laundry calling for me in the morning. 6 people on a 10 day long vacation makes for alot of laundry. PLUS the house looks like a tornado went though it.. funny you think you have it all cleaned up so you don' t come home to a mess only to find it wasn't as clean as you had remembered and then in our house to unload the van means to take everything and throw it though out the dinning room and livingroom. So tomorrow is laundry and cleaning house, trying to getting Sweet Pea into the doctor because her ear is killing her(i think swimmers ear), and a birthday party for a girl who is turning 4 who is Anistons bestfriend. I also need to shampoo the carpet in Mr Man's room 1st thing when we wake up because one of the stupid cats thought the middle of his bedroom floor looked like a great spot to take a dump.. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the heck we left 2 litter boxes out for these dumb cats. I guess i should be thankful that there was only one pile in one room and that all 3 of them didn't use the whole house as one big litter box.
Well this is my one post for the day, Tomorrow I hope to post something a little more entertaining.

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