Saturday, August 26, 2006

me and the kids

Here are two pics of me and the kids taken June 30, 2006

They are pretty much the same shot only Little Man has his eyes closed in the 1st one and Sweet Pea is looking down in the 2nd.. OH and Princess is getting ready to give me bunny ears in this 2nd shot also..

We aren't dressed up we weren't looking pretty, noone has there hair combed this is just pure us after spending hours in a van and after swimming a few hours and after a few hours playing at a park in the heat.
This was the weekend we drove down to KY, for DH's family reunion. we left early friday the reunion was on Saturday. This was friday night there was a park across the street from our hotel that we took the kids over to play on and ended up playing there for a few hours afterwards we took a walk in this park and thought this water was pretty so I had DH take a pic for us.
Anyone who knows me would know it drives me nuts when the kids hair is a mess like it is here, and they would also know if i was planning a photo shoot the kids would have matching color cloths on LOL.. so these two shots are so unlike me.. but it was one of the fun family moments of this trip so i thought i would post them anyways

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