Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Way Back Wednesday(planes, trains & automobiles

The Kept Woman gave us this weeks assingment here is what she said "Way Back Wednesday...Planes, Trains and Automobiles...I guess since I didn't get to actually go anywhere this summer I thought I'd like to check out the places other people have been. Live vicariously if you will"

I went back to get my photos for today but not WAY!!! Back. I need to visit my mom and get some older pics online. So the ones you can view today are from July 2003, just over three years ago.

This one is of Me, My princess, Mr Man and Sweet Pea On Vacation at Dillsboro NC.

Mr Man, Sweet Pea and My Princess waiting to board the train. You see the reason we were in NC was to go to the great smokey moutin railroad(IIRC that is the name of it) to take a train ride durning there Day Out With Thomas. Mr Man was the biggest Thomas the tank fan ever.
My Princess on the Train before the train took off
Mr Man and Sweet Pea in the window next to Princess waiting for our trip.

Here is one last pic from this trip. Me, Mr Man and Sweet Pea OH Yeah that big blue thing is Thomas for those of you who didn't know.

It was really a nice trip.. Day out with Thomas is always fun we have done a few of them other places but the one in Dillsboro NC was the nicest one I have been at, the mountins just made it so nice and besides the inclosed coaches they also had some open ones that once the train started to move we moved back too and it was just the best train ride.

Hope you enjoyed my way back Wed pic even if didn't go WAY!!!!! back.

DID you play? Let me know and don't forget to visit The Kept Women and let her know also.


Jana said...

We did the Day Out with Thomas thing about three years ago. My boys absolutely loved it. I'll have to go back now that my youngest (20 months) is old enough to appreciate it! Great pictures!

I played too!

KC said...

Thank you. We have done DOWT 3 times. Now Mr Man has sort of outgrown Thomas.. but just this week Little Man(15 months) has started playing with his older brothers thomas trains and watching the videos.. so we might doing the whole Thomas thing all over again

The Kept Woman said...

Way back is all relative...for your kids that is WAY back!

Love the mountains behind you and how giddy the kids look about the train ride!