Sunday, August 06, 2006

Five Things.

Since i'm trying to get the little creative juice I have flowing, I thought i would do this.
While i was reading blogs the other night I saw this over at Since she said feel free to do it, I am.
my five things.

Five things in my freezer: frozen waffles, Steak, Hamburger, chicken, and orange serbert.

Five things in my closet: Cloths, shoes, boxes of maturnity cloths, boxes of old letters and ticked stubs and pics from when DH and I were dateing, and a memory box filled with things I had for Alyssa(the baby i lost while 13 weeks PG)

Five things in my car: Car seats, cookie crumbs, tons of toys, crayons & coloring book, a stroller

Five things in my purse: I haven't carried a purse in about 6 1/2 years I just take the diaperbag with me everywhere and use it as my purse . So inside that is, diapers, my walet, sunglasses, my brush and my lipgloss(and toys,book, sunscreen and bugspray OH and don't forget wipes)

Five things in my wallet: Driver's license, credit/debit cards, AAA membership card, Jr Trucker Cheerleading discount card, and Libary Card. No money in mine either

I guess I should have five people do this but I don't know anyone to send it too so if you want to play along feel free and then let me know you played also.

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Finelly said...

Love this, so I'm stealing it!