Sunday, August 06, 2006

Highchair Haircuts.

Little Man has had hair since the day he was born and never lost a bit of it, it keeps growing and growing. As of yesterday we have cut his hair 5 different times the 1st time was when he was around 4 months old. The Last time i cut his hair was the end of May before having his 1 year picture taken, so his hair had got a bit too long
I started letting it grow only because he is forever on the go and I didn't know how to tie him down and keep him from moving so i could cut his hair without cutting off his ear, but then it started getting so cute, curling up in the back and flipping up here and there that i couldnt bring myself to cut it.
ONLY it was in great need of somthing he was looking like a girl Shoot my girls didn't have this long of hair at this age, yet the thought of cutting it still bugged me.
UNTIL today.. i had his hair all cute ready for church this moring and off we went. Little Man fell asleep in the car and messed it all up and there was nothing i could do to make it look nice at all. his hair was just everywhere and so so long. (these pics of him in this post was taken 3 weeks ago so it was much longer then what you see in these pics. His hair grows fast) I just couldn't handle the mess his hair was today so I knew i had to trim it up

After thinking how on earth will i keep him still, the highchair jumped out at me.. YEAH that was it the highchair. I put him in it filled the try with water and away i went at chopping off his hair.. I was so proud of myself, My Little Man looked like a boy again. SNIFF only now i'm sad and wished i wouldn't have cut his hair.. boo hoo it's like i took his personality away from him. I didnt really take all that much about an inch on top and on the sides and kept it a bit longer in the back only taking a 1/2 inch off but it looks so different from what it had become(looks just like his pic I have in my June blog titled Little Man) I guess i just need to keep reminding myself that it will grow back and in a few weeks will look longer again.

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