Thursday, August 17, 2006


It's friday you know what that means SPF:
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The task this week:
1. Your Supplies (home, office, school — whatcha got?)2. Your Bag (we’ve done it before, but I know you all change purses like I change undies)
3. Your Mail box (most look the same nowadays so pan out and let me see where you go get your mail.

I'm so excited this week i got to Play. I mean REALLY PLAY. In the past when I played I used old photos I took and had online, BUT Not this week(well for the 1st 2 anyways). I still don't have that camera I want and I'm not holding my breath for it any time soon. I still have my old video camera that I can pull still shots off of and download into the computer though. Too darn bad my computer is stone age and won't download them. So I do that on my parents computer. Today I was over at moms so I got the shots of my supplies and my bag while there(here lighting was a little poor but who cares i got to really play LOL)

My supplies.. OH I'm so behind, bad bad mom.. i have Princess entering the 5th grade and Mr Man into the 1st grade and Sweet pea starting her 2nd year of preschool and this is all i have for the 3 of them. SO NOT on the ball this year. Sadly i wasn't even the one to pick this stuff up that credit goes to my mom. I did pick up there supply lists LOL. Must go shopping soon school starts on the 29th for the older two and on Sept 7th for Sweet Pea.

My bag of the day. Wasn't going to be gone long today so we took the small one. Think I mentioned how I have had a baby or toddler in toe for the last almost 7 years. Ever since Mr Man was born back on Nov15, 1999 I have had one baby after another, so diaper bag is my bag. Trendy NO?? LOL

Mail box pic. Yeah I know looks like a snowman pic. I had to go back though some old photos to find one since the camera was at my mom's house and not at mine today. This is a shot taken from my front pourch looking towards the road. It's of sweet pea and her snowman but look next to the road behind the snowman and there it is folk, my mail box.

Happy SPF!!
Did You Play?? let me know and don't forget to check out and let them know you played also.


Teena said...

One of the funnier mailbox pix!

I played too :)

Charmed1 said...

I saw the mailbox, cute picture!! I'm thankful I'm not the only no purse diaper bag carrying person out there. Great pics!!
I played!

Mama C said...

I too had school supply buying issues a while back. Here in TX, school started Monday.

I remember the days of diaper bag being the only bag.

I see the mailbox. AT first, I thought it was the snowman.

I played.

Carrie said...

Well, the supplies you do have look good! :)

I would not have guessed that was a diaper bag! (of course, I have no children, so what do I know :P)

Love the mailbox picture!

I played! :)