Saturday, August 19, 2006

This Is A Must Read

If you only have time to read one post this week make it this one. I stubbled across this tonight. Not only was it the best post I have read sinces blogging but it also touched my heart.
It's part three in a series by Jeana at Days To Come about the homeschool vs. public school "debate", or so it started that way but really it's about every parenting debate out there, be it school, bottle vs breastfeeding, babywise vs Attached parenting.. just pick a topic and apply it. It is a Wonderful, insightful Must read for all.
You might want to start with part 1 and part 2, though part 3 great even if you cant get to the 1st to part. and read the comments if you get time they really are great also the one written by GranMarty(think that was her name) was just as good as the blog post.

I hope it touches you like it did me.

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Jeana said...

Thank you for your sweet words! I'm glad you liked my post.