Friday, August 11, 2006

SPF:title company

This week for SPF we were ask to come up with titles for a song, book and movie. for more detail If you play along comment and let me know so i can check it out.

Song Title:

London bridge is falling down. It might not be London but that bridge is falling down(taken while at the zoo July 22, 2006)

Title of a Movie:

Planet of the Apes. Mr man playing monkey see monkey do while at the zoo. another pic for my movie title would be.

Book title:

for my book I'm doing the Mother Goose book of nursary Rhymes (you know with kids it is one we read all the time LOL) and since all books need chapters here are a few chapters for my book.

hickory dickery doc

humpty dumpty

and can't forget the little old women who lived in a shoe.
My book titel pics were taken while at story book forest July20, 2006

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MommyOutOfControl said...

Thanks for visiting my SPF!! I love yours...cute kids for sure.