Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Six (school supplies)

1. What are school supplies?
2. Who usually buys the school supplies?
3. What do you carry your supplies in?
4. Do you take your lunch to school?
5. What is your favorite school book?
6. Do you have a backpack? Is so, what does it look like?

This week I thought i would run these questions by all the kids,well except for Rhett who would just answer Yeap or shake his head no if i was to ask him a question LOL.

Question #1 What are School Supplies?

Mr Man(who is 6 1/2 years old) Pencels and boxes to put them in.

Sweet Pea(who is 4 1/2 years old) "I don't know"

Princess(who is 10 1/2 years old) " Supplies you need for school" Then LOL like she knew she was being a smart butt(so much like her mother)

Question #2 who usually buys them?

Mr Man " Grandma and Parents"

Sweet Pea " I don't know" (as she gives me this look like why are you bugging me with this stuff.

Princess "everyone who goes to school" still giggleing and having fun.

Question #3 What do you carry your supplies in?

Mr Man "backpack"

Sweet pea "ugh I DON"T KNOW!!!"

Princess "backpack, book bag, binder"

Question #4 Do you take your lunch to school?

Mr Man " I do when they are making food I don't like"

Sweet Pea "Yeah" this has me LOL because she doesn't eat lunch at school she is in a morning class and is home by lunch

Princess " hardly ever, It's embarassing" Know don't ask me why it's embarassing cuz she couldn't give me an answer to that except for "mom it just is"

Question #5 What is your favorite school book?

Mr Man "None of them, I don't like school"

Sweet Pea "I said I don't know"

Princess "hummmmmmmmm I like, OH I don't know"

Question #6 Do you have a backpack and if so what does it look like?

Mr Man " yes, it has a dinosor on it and it's Green, It's cool"

Sweet Pea "yeah(holding it out like duh mom you know this) Airel, you know my little mermaid one. Silly!! and my bah bah one and I have a barbie one (she gives a great big ~sigh~ here and says) MOM"
she had me LOL Oh and bah bah is what she has called strawberry shortcake since she was one years old

Princess " Not yet. I want a one strap one this year, you know the pink one I showed you"

So there you have it this weeks sunday six Did you play if so let me know and don't forget to let Kelly know also

have a great Sunday


Fantastagirl said...

Thanks for stopping by your Sweet Pea and my Tink are thinking along the same lines and makes me smile!

Timestep said...

Great comments. Thanks for stopping by.

I love your 10 y.o.

Of course bringing lunch isn't cool - you look like a dork with a sack lunch at this age! (rolls eyes).

MommyOutOfControl said...

Duh mom...can't eat lunch at school...sooooo embarassing. LOL, we'll never figure them out will we? Thanks for visiting our answers.

Bluepaintred said...

too cute!!!

i played