Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Good bye Wizards.

It's time to say good bye to the team that gave my princess her start in the world of traveling tournament fastpitch softball. Today we sent the email out to the man incharge of the Wizards, to tell him thank you but no thank you, Princess will not be playing for them this year.

The middle and end of August is try out time in the world of fastpitch softball and this year Princess had 4 different teams she wanted to try out for. Her line of thinking was she could try out for some of these harder to get on teams(the better teams with bigger organizations behind them that only take the top players with really talent) and then if she makes one or two of them she can pick which one she wants to be on but still try out for her old team the wizards in case she doesn't like the other teams or she didn't make the other teams.

Two weekends ago wa the try outs for the Wizards and Princess got invited to play again for them, this was sort of a given onces you have made a team you normally don't get kicked off of it come next years try outs. It was just a matter of placement and which team A, B or C they would put you on. Then this past sunday was the tryouts for her #1 pic of teams, This team is really good and she was a tad bit nerves trying out for them. Not only is this team good as far as wins and loses and there record and coaching, but they also offer so much more then we were use to playing with a smaller group last year. When this team travels our hotel expence will be paid for, they buy the girls 3 different full uniforms and they get them new helmets and batbags, and if the girls play for them for 3 years or more they give there scholarships for college(if they go on to play college ball)

Anyways My Princess had a great try out, she was just on all around in everything. Normally you dont hear back from these try out until two week or longer on if they made the team or not.. but They stopped DH and Princess at the end of the try out and offered my princess the spot on the team..
This just blows me away..
and totally sent her over the top.. she made her top pick for teams and the way she made it.. WOW

Princess made alot of friends this past summer playing for the wizards who she is going to miss but will keep in touch with them.. but next year my baby will be in Green.

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