Saturday, August 26, 2006

Oh No I'm THAT Mother... LOL

Someone help me, Make me stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have become THAT spots mom.

You see Mr Man's soccer coach knows NOTHING about soccer, Now I understand she has taken on this without pay because her daughter is on the team and I'm guessing they ran out of coaches and asked some parents if they could help out, but she really is clueless about the sport of soccer.
I do not want to be THAT mom, but I just couldnt take it anymore.. So durning the game today I walked over to her and nicely told her if she did this and this it would help. She didn't seem to pleased with me but like i said she was clueless LOL

You see Mr Man is playing on a U8 team and they can only have 5 players on the feild at a time, guess where you put those 5 is up to the coaches. MR Mans coach was putting 2 at forwards(able to run all over the feild) 2 defenders(only able to play 1/2 the feild, unlikely to score goals) and 1 goalie(who should stay by the goal to keep the other team from scoreing) While the other team was playing with 3 forwards, 1 defender and 1 goalie. so when we were down at there goal trying to score it was 5 on 2 and we couldn't get the ball to score, and our goalie was running everywhere on 1/2 the feild except infront of the goal.

Now see this is more of a teaching league so the coaches are to be out there showing the kids where to go what to do and helping them out, this lady wasn't she never told to the goalie to stay in the box to block the ball or anything.

So when i went over I just thought i would ask her why the other team had 3 forwards. I didn't want to come across as telling her she sucks. Then she explained to me that the coaches got to pick how they wanted to do it and "we did it this way so there would be less kids and they won't be kicking each other in the ankels" UMMMMMMMMMMM come on this is soccer you get kicked in the ankels. So I said " oh I see, the other team with 3 forwards makes alot of sences it gives more of an oppitunity to make a goal. She sort of just gave me a look and said maybe. she continued to do it her way a bit longer but she did change it up after i talked with her and the ended up tieing for the win. They play on a time limit also and time ran out so no over time for someone to score. but I promiss ya if they would have stayed with the 2 forwards they would have lost and lost bad.

I really don't want to be that wacko mother but at the same time I paid money for Mr Man to have fun and learn to play soccer better then he does now(he is really good at it this is his 4th season) so I don't just want to see there either and have him learn nothing and lose all there games when a simple coaching move could help. ~sigh~ Hopefully I won't have to say anything anymore :)

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