Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Way Back Wednesday(H2O)

This looks like something I could enjoy playing. I only found this way back wednesday thing about 15 mins ago and seeing how i only have about 15 mins left on this Wednesday evening I haven't had much time to look at how this is played so bear with me.. I'm guessing since it says "way back" they are wanting old pictures.. if i'm wrong someone let me know.

this Wednesday The Kept Woman wants to cool off with our photos involving H2O. Here is the full text of her theme:
Water, water everywhere!!! Let's cool off with a picture that has something to do with H2O...washing dishes, water balloon fight, wet t-shirt contest, your choice!

Here is my H2O pic. taken back in 1977 when i was 4 years old. Sorry about the boarder around it but I didn't want to get introuble for pron or anything LOL. I only have a few old pics online and this was the only one I had of me with water so here i am way back when.

someone let me know if i played correctly.

did you Play??


Irish Church Lady :) said...

First! Yes I played. I'm a first timer too! Well I played once a few months ago but it was with a fairly recent picture.

Good bathtub shot!

Have a good day. I'm gonna try to.

The Kept Woman said...

That is so adorable, what a smile!!!! (isn't sad that you have to even think about adding a border b/c of pervs?)

Welcome to WBW, we always love new faces!!

Christie said...

happy (belated) wbw!
I played